No tie laces?

hi all,  been suggested by a running friend of mine that I try a set of the elastic no tie laces? has anyone tried these or currently using them? I would be interested to hear how these a working for you and also any potential negatives with them.


  • Lock laces. Very good - but not for cross country.
  • I was a big fan of elasticated laces as I found the laces that came with Adidas Adios 2 's to be very inflexible and it was difficult to get the tension right. However I'm currently seeing a physio for calf issues and he's recommended ditching the elastic  laces because for longer runs he reckons you get better support from the normal kind.

  • I use them for all distances including adventure races and marathons. I use the Xtenec ones (?sp) And I dispute your physio's comment RR - sorry!

  • interesting to hear some different views for sure, think, like most things its a case of trying them out and see what works best for you. Also thanks limper for the name drop of a specific type, will google them and see how I get on image


  • Lock laces are also a brand.

    Xtenex I think are the ones limpet means.

    I've used them for all distances up to marathon with no problems.

    And you never get laces coming undone in a race.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    like Cougs, I use lock laces and have done for a number of years - they just make life easier and for short distance triathlon are essential if you want to save time.

    again - used in races up to (and beyond in 2 cases) marathon distance

    number of styles available - check out LockLaces, Extenex and Greepers.

    but as cougs also says - avoid if you're running on muddy/sticky surfaces as the mud suck is enough to pull the shoes off as the elastic stretchesa bit too far so the foot pops out

  • limper - until a week ago I would have agreed with you - I've used elastic laces for marathon distance and beyond. But given that the physio is currently treating me for lower leg damage, I'm prepared to concede he might have a point!

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