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Hi all, currently training for first marathon (Inverness sept 13) lsr have mentioned finishing in MP others state keep pace sloooooooow. Can you give me some training advice. Below are my current times with my half marathon a battle everytime. Ran my furthest distance last weekend 16.6 mls 2hrs.34mins 9.18 avg.

Training last week 6.5mls 58mins recovery run, 3m tempo 19mins.56sec more down than up, 3 x 1mile in park 6mins.50secs, 6mins.31secs & 6mins.30secs


10km 44min.16sec

half marathon 1h.49mins image


  • Your goal for the full should be around double the half time and add 20. So I think just sub 4 is the target. If you train well you should hit this.

    So that would be a 9.07 minute mile.

    For your long runs - slow that pace down to about 10.30 I'd reckon.

    It's ok to do a bit of your long run at MP but don't fall into the trap of racing your long runs. That's a sure fire way to miss your goal.
  • Thanks cougie for the reply. 13 weeks to go, should I be looking to do another long run midweek from 8 mls up to 12mls, currently doing 4 days per week but could make one a longer run. Again I am new to the site and would appreciate some advice.

  • Yes I think that's a good plan. Run long at the weekend and a medium length run in the week. 8 miles isn't quite long enough but 12 will be a good length.
  • Kevin, good luck for the Inverness Marathon, it's my first as well and aiming for 5 hours but if you turn up on September 13th you'll beat me by weeks! I'm running it on September 29thimage

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