New runner advice needed for knees

Hi I'm new to running and have just started the couch to 5k plan! Only on second week but love it so far!


anyway I have been following the traing no probs but Sunday decided to run with partner (who does run) just for fun! Won went about 3k and I done a mixture of running and walking, though I really pushed myself to keep up with him! 


On Sunday eve my legs (knees mostly) were so stiff and achcy and same when I woke Monday morning so decided not to run and rest it! Today went to do my run as usual but second I started the backs of my knees and top of calf felt so tight and stiff, I stopped immediately as wasn't sure if I would make it worst!


so cross with myself as I read treacly i enjoying the running and now feel I will have to start all over again!


any advice what I have donAlways I just below my left kneecap on inside of leg feels bruised! 




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    One of the first things you will have read (or should have read) when starting your couch to 5K programme was not to get too enthusiastic!

    In 9 weeks, the programme takes you carefully through to running 3.1 miles. To be able to do this, your body needs to adapt itself in many many ways.  Heart, lungs, blood, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.... and I'm sure much more. 

    Some bits (usually heart/lungs) adapt quicker than others (usually bones, joints and ligaments).  The programme is designed to give you best chance of adapting all those functions, at a sustainable rate... strengthening them progressively to meet the next week's challenge.

    It just sounds like you've done too much, too quickly. Much of what you describe sounds like normal muscle stiffness, but it also sounds like you probably did a bit of damage to something that wasn't yet strong enough to cope with 3K of high effort to keep up with your partner.

    We've all done something like this at some stage in our running lives. It's a lesson we all have to learn... and as long as it doesn't dampen your desire to succeed, then you can take that positive from it.. you learned early!

    You might need a few days - even a week or two - to allow your body to sort itself out. Then get back to the 5K programme. In 10 weeks time, you could be running over 3 miles non-stop.   Shaving a week or two off the programme will make hardly any difference in the long run.  So be patient!  Enjoy the journey and good luck.


  • Tthanks for advice, think I will prob just leave it for rest of this week and try again on Monday 

  • Hi, I've got exactly the same symptoms - a bruise-like feeling just below and to the inside of my knee. I saw a physio and he said that it was down to weak glutes causing me to pull my knees inwards when running, rather than having a straight line from hip to foot. He's given me some strengthening exercises to do such as single-leg squats.

  • It might not be the same cause for you but maybe there is a particular set of muscles you need to strengthen or technique change you need to make so it might be worth seeing a gp or physio?

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