New minimal shoes similar in fit to Brooks Defyance 6

Hi, i'm hoping someone can help. To give you a bit of background; i've been plagued by ITB problems for years. I've tried changing my shoes, going to a physio, strengthening and stretching exercises, cross training, the lot!! However nothing seemed to work.

So I decided to go see a sports physio (don't know why I didn't do this sooner!!) and he told me and showed me that i'm very stiff in my lower back and had poor glute/calf strength, so this was probably leading to my ITB issues. He also recommended that I change my running style to a midfoot strike (I do this naturally when sprinting). So i've been doing this along with strengthening and stretching exercises for my core, glute and calf muscles. So far so good!

So this is where my question comes in; i've been running in Brooks Defyance 6, which I find very comfortable and love the fit. However I would like to move towards a more minimal shoe/lower heel drop. So can anyone recommend me a shoe which is similar in fit to the Brooks Defyance 6?

Just to also add I run offroad quite a bit and run in Mizuno Wave Ascend 7, which I equally find very comfortable and love the fit.

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