Lions rugby in coniston

I'm travelling up to Coniston for the half marathon at the weekeand and wanted to catch the final Lions Test on Saturday. Does anyone know of any pubs that will be showing the game in Coniston or local area? 



  • The one opposite the Information Centre car park often advertises its big screen 

    theres only 4 to check out...

  • Surely you are boycotting watching? (unless you are Welsh?)

  • My daughter is actually working in The Crown Inn in Coniston for summer - when I dropped her off there they were showing the rugby in the main bar so I would guess they would be showing it.

    Enjoy the run - shame the rugby looks like being a slugfest but perhaps the result is all important?

  • Thank you all, Crown sounds like the best bet then. Haha It's more to appease the boyfriend - who is welsh!

    Looking forward to the run, looks like it's going to be a hot one though! 


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