Knee injury - advice please?

I am in week 4 of my half Marathon Training Plan for the Great North Run .... my first half marathon. Last night I went to netball and injured my knee .... on a jump I felt a pop to the lateral knee and collapsed. Ice pack was applied almost immediately and started ibuprofen. Today the knee is a bit swollen ( laterally and posteriorly) and not fully extending or flexing. Looked at a 3-D anatomy site and think I may have "popped" the popliteus muscle? .... any advice please. Am so upset about the effect on my training that this might have. Any advice please?


  • If you heard a "pop" it is probably a ligament. Get yourself to A&E. The ACL is commonly injured in netball.

  • ok thanks I will ....

    It wont fully straighten nor bend past 90 degrees

  • How did you injure it? Was it a twisting motion?

    Good luck at the hospital.

  • Thanks - went to Minor Injuries Unit.... feel so much better now! xray ok and ligaments intact. strained lateral collateral ligament and soft tissue swelling.

    dont know injury - had jumped for the ball - players said I seemed to jump bent backwards and fell - think  pop  like a shotgun happened when I landed? but cant remember .... just thoughht I'd been taken out by another player - but wasnt. apparantly it was a hard land.

    .... anyway - no more netball - running is too important !!

    advised first week the most important to try stay off it - thereafter  can try training again and it may reswell. Suggested heat then try and increase range of movement as apparantly knees become stuck very quickly.

    A friend suggested heat-cold teatment ... Any experience of how to do that best?

  • Glad to hear that it's not too serious. I'd just stick to ice if I were you. You could use a Kinesiology Tape such as Rocktape to help reduce the swelling if you fancy it.

    Good luck

  • cheers!

    Liking cold - A Kool Pak makes it feel much better!


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