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Hi All,

I am doing the Tenby Half Marathon next week. This is my first half marathon and was wondering if anyone had any tips they could share.Training not gone as well as I had hoped due to a nasty case of peroneal tendonitis.So just looking to finish!








  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    5 - 5 - 5

    first 5M "smooth & relaxed"
    i.e. just let everything flow like you're on a training run

    second 5M "strong & steady"i.e. pay attention a bit to form/focus, you are in a race!

    last 5k just push out whatever you've got left and think about finishing your first Half! image


  • Good advice about the form/focus.I tend to do this on longer training runs as it takes my mind off the distance and seems to cure a few aches and pains.

    Just hope I've got something left for the last 5k!

  • Start closer to the back,as you don't want to be pushed out of the way by faster Runners and its always nice overtaking slower Runners/Those who went off to fast image

    If you need to walk get over onto the pavement / side of the road and don't just stop as someone could collide with you

    Throw your water as far away from the road as you can (don't want a fellow Runner tripping up over your empty bottle)

    The most quoted bit of advice I heard prior to my first race ...don't go too quick,get your pace right and you will finish in good shape image

    Run Mile to Mile don't think too far ahead,worry about the mile you are running

    Think to yourself (bit of Psychology here) it's not how far you have to go but how far you have gone halfway isn't 6.6 miles to go but 6.6 miles completed image

    Most of all enjoy,whatever time you complete will be a PB so no pressure image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Oh good, time for my toilet paper advice again. Bring some spare bog roll in case you need a poo before the race and the portaloos have run out. image

    Also, bring some dry clothes including socks and pants to change into after the race.

  • all good advice! going to need these tips come october image

  • Thanks All,


    Getting excited now but also a bit nervous. Some great advice there.

    Got a long run of around 11 miles planned for this weekend but any advice on what to do next week? The race is on Sunday 14th.I was planning on just doing some cycling/rowing in the Gym with 6 miler on Thursday.Rest Friday and Saturday.

  • Like the 5-5-5 advice! I always start slow and steady and speed it up through 6-7 miles. The last 2 are always hard but thats when the psychology kicks in, you only have 2 to go and always hit that last mile as hard as you can. I go for it at the last half mile and sprint across the line. Then I usually hang on to the railings and nearly faint, puke or both haha, its a great feeling though to finish, especially your 1st! Oh and dont stop, ever, no matter how many people you see stopping, and you will see a few, its much much harder to start again than it wouldve been to carry on a bit slower.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Decide what time you think you're capable of, convert it to a pace (minutes per mile), and consider making a wrist band with target time for each mile marker.  Then go for an even pace, at least for the first 10 miles.  As others have said...  if you're aiming for 9 minutes per mile... then do 9 minutes for your first mile (it's so easy to do a 7:50 - without even noticing that you're being swept along by adrenhalin).  As disheartening as it might seem, seeing lots of others doing an adrenhalin-fueled first mile, it's best to let them go.

    Also, make yourself a checklist, to ensure you get everything right in the last 15 minutes.

    Drink water and go to the loo.

    Set your watch (if gps, then don't wait until the last moment to get a signal)

    Laces... are they properly tied.

    Nutition... if taking gels or sweets... have you got them.

    Nipple protection...  if there's any chance of nipple or other chafing, have you got protection on?  (for me, rain or heavy sweat can cause a wet top to irritate nipples on runs over about 10 miles)

    Sun tan lotion or cap?

    Race number/timing chip...  is it in place?

    Do you know what you're doing with wallet, keys... and where to meet with friends/family afterwards? Something to wear after?

    Don't forget a 2-4 minute warm up about 10 minutes before the start (if possible)... and a good warm down/stretch afterwards.


  • +1 on the nipple protection - I remember my first half well for that reason!

    I like looking at the course profile so I know where the downhill bits are (if any) and making sure I make the most of them image

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