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I saw on an event discussion someone saying that they had entered a race as unattached but put their team down as the URWFRC.

Firstly would the organisers recognise the team is the runner is unaf, and secondly what would happen if the club won something? Unofficially that is of course.


  • It would depend on the race rules. Some races have team entries for unattached runners as well as affiliated teams.

    If there were enough URWFRC runners in such a race and they won a team prize (normally first 4 men for a team and first 3 ladies for female team)then it would be up to those runners what to do with the prize.

    If it happened to be one big trophy that needed to be returned before the next years race then each person having it for a set number of months would work. As long as they all agreed to pay the cost of sending it back. Indiviual medals/trophies/wine etc wouldn't be a problem.
  • "secondly what would happen if the club won something? "

    we'd melt it down & flog it for red wine.

    I've just entered Blenhiem 10k & Rickmandsworth 9m as a member of the unaffiliated team
  • Up to you EP. I put down URWFRC.
  • For the Blenheim 10k

    the mens team prize is an 8 gallon barrel of beer, not sure how we'd split that for a 'virtual' team - guess we'd just have to drink it before we went home!
  • I am now putting "URWFRC (Unaffiliated club)" on my race entries. That way, the club's lack of affiliation is out in the open and the organisers can decide how they want to play it.

  • But do you pay the lower or the higher fee?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    you would pay the higher fee as the club is unaffiliated.
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