Toe pain after running, left foot big toe

Ive had this off and on for a while now (3 months) and been to the Docs, they just tell me its inflamation and tell me to take Ibuprofen but although that helps its not gone away, and I hate taking painkillers. I asked for an x-ray but they tell me nothing has broken so no point.

Its really sporadic as well, I can do a couple of 10k's in a week (did in June and set pb's) and be fine and other times its so bad I cant train which is annoying. Its like my big toe is broke and wont straighten so I cant walk properly on it. Even when it is ok it still aches a bit if I fully flex it. Ive researched it online and ruled a lot of stuff out such as gout etc but my Doc seems clueless, he knows I run a lot so hes just putting it down to that but I disagree.

I dont think its a break or stress fracture as it wouldnt be sporadic like it is. Not looking for a cure as I suspect it might be with me for the future but has anyone had a similar thing? This is the only niggle I have and its so annoying as its stopping me training properly for a marathon that I know I would be capable of doing was it not for the dodgy toe! Thanks in advance!


  • You could see a foot specialist. 

  • Where on tHe toe is it?


    On top?

    In the joint line?

  • Its mainly the toe and the joint and the ball underneath, it hurts if I fully flex it. Fine to run on for the first mile or so then I have to adjust my gait so I dont fully flex it. Its just not going away which is annoying.

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