Help - What can I do with blisters before my Sunday half-marathon

I'm doing a half marathon on Sunday and I'm really worried about my blisters.  I have some blisters in my in-step which hurt a lot when running. The cause was new thinner socks but since I got the blisters I've gone back to my old socks.

  • It started about 10 days ago after a 9 mile training run. I used compeed to reduce the blister and it appeared to be working.  
  • I ran again at the weekend and strapped up the area with zinc-oxide tape but that made it worse. It hurt like hell for the last 30-40mins.
  • I think that the underlying tissues appear to be damaged and I'm not giving them enough time to heal as when I ran again it hurts like hell after a while.
  • I did a 7 km easy run yesterday but they were pretty sore for most of the run. It looks like the blister is spreading around the original location.

My event is on Sunday and I'm not sure what I should do. I'm coating the area with sudocrem for now trying to repair it.  

Any ideas what I should do? I'm dreading race day as I just don't know what to do to avoid the rubbing. It's not a big problem when walking but running amkes it really sore

Should I:

  • tape it up again?
  • put a compeed plaster on the area then tape that?
  • or just cry all the way round the course?

Any help will be gratefully received!!




  • Pop the blisters with a pin and drain the fluid and then spray with savlon or similar. Try a different pair of trainers. Different as in a different make. You have 2 days to bed them in. Get a pair that feel like a pair of slippers in the shop. 

  • What make of trainers are you wearing at the moment by the way?

  • I'm in a similar position - raced last week, loosened the skin on the front of my heel, got a half marathon next week. I've taped it, and tried to keep as much weight off it as possible. Certainly no running. It feels much more comfortable now, To be honest I'm assuming I'm not going to be fit to run on the weekend, but that's based on the fact I've got other events coming up soon that I care about more. If it was an A race for me I'd put a ton of tape on it and pick up the pieces later. image

    I don't like the sound of your suspected underlying tissue damage. Just remember if it hurts after a 7k easy run it's going to be absolute murder on a 13 mile race. Personally if it's hurting at all on race day I'm not going to think about racing, because it's only going to get worse, probably a lot.

  • Thanks SR

    The blisters are not bubbling up - it's the tissue below the surface of the skin is all red and looks like it's repairing below the surface. It's this area that is sore and running makes it very painful after a while.

    My trainers are Brooks Trail Demon and are okay. I got the blisters running with different thinner socks.

  • X-performance socks are very good. Try them. I know you can get them in Sweatshop.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Have you been into you local chemists for advice?

  • Guys, thanks for the advice but I don't want to change socks again (that's what got me into this trouble). I want to use my tried and tested shoes and socks and try to patch up my feet for the run on Sunday. I'll probably be fine if the pain comes in thelast 2-3 miles but if it starts at mile 2 I'm in big trouble !

    RW - I'll ask the local chemist but they're very grumpy in there.

  • Maybe they are grumpy because you ask advice and take no notice of what they say?image


  • Apologies I should have said "please help me patch my feet up". I thought it was clear from the original post.

    But thanks for the answers to the imaginary question - If I change my race preparation at the very last minute, go against popular wisdom and make life harder for myself, should I change both my socks AND trainers to ones I've never used before?  image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    There was also the non-imaginary question 'Any ideas what I should do?' which was a bit more open...

  • ..fair enough

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