Breathing problems

2 Months ago I ran my first half marathon image Then a few weeks later i got ill with a bit of flu, then a cough and then got better. That was about 8 weeks ago now but ever since then I can't Breathe properly. I can run 3-4 miles max on a good day at a minute slow per mile. This has been going on for 5-6 weeks now with no improvement. I have gone to the doctors and tried Asthma stuff, antibiotics, nose drips and chest x-rays. They are generally not very helpful. I get a very dry throat when running and seem to have a problem breathing in rather than out. I started to try and diagnose myself as the doctors where not that good. I believed it may of been acid reflux so started taking PPI medication. Now i am starting to feel bloated and worse and not getting any better breathing wise. Any suggestions?

At the moment I have currently given up diary products, chocolate, caffeine, spicy food, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Generally most advice is to eat healthy and exercise. Needless to say I don't think i'm that bad if i ran my first half 2 months ago. I don't think symptoms where cause by stress, depression as that has only started to happen now as running was a huge part of my life.


  • This time of year hay fever is a likely cause, if the symptoms are worse when the pollen count is high then this is likely. The symptoms will ease when it is raining.

    Otherwise you could be hyper-ventilating (breathing too fast) try focussing on breathing 'out' when you feel you cannot get a breath in.

    Otherwise, try breathing out for 3 steps and in for 3 steps whilst running.

  • Will try. Have done all the usual hay fever remedies with no luck unfortunately.

  • That would suggest trying to - slow -  your  -  breathing  -  is the key; it is easy to say.... not so easy to do!

  • Yeah i do need to do that. But the breathing problems are in general not just running. Should of said that lol. Like if i talk to long with out a breath or run up the stairs. Feels like i can only breath in 85% and the the last 15% is a real struggle.

  • Hmmmmm more interesting! Normally I would suggest you see your GP, except you have obviously done that! 

    Have a read of this, does any of this sound familiar?

    If not I am a bit stumped!

  • It could be something like VCD (vocal cord dysfunction), which generally makes it harder to breathe in than out (opposite to asthma). Or a breathing pattern problem which could be a result of adapting your breathing while ill with the flu/cough, which can be corrected/made better by working with a respiratory physio. I think for either you'd need your GP to give you a referral. Whatever it is, if the GP can't get to the bottom of it you'll need referral to a respiratory consultant. Good luck

  • Any update Neil?

    I have been asking around and someone suggested this...... Apparently it is a good piece of kit to help with breathing problems in general and is great for warming up before a race.

    I am thinking of getting one myself!

  • I am going to go down the doctors again and make more of a fuss. Haven't run much as i have been on holiday, but the throat has been getting worse. Hurts to swallow now and is developing into a cough. Lots of symtoms of Acid reflux but PPI medication didn't work so back to the docs!

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