Out for 6 weeks - still possible?

Hi all

I'm signed up to run my first marathon; Chester on 6th October (13 weeks Sunday).  I've not really run for the past 6 weeks due to a ITB injury which has made my knee painful (perhaps done a 2 mile each week, but each time it has hurt).  I've been to physio a few times, do stretching and foam rolling daily and I'm told I can start running again.

Before I was injured, I only got up to 6 miles, but was running 4 times a week (maybe 15 miles a week).  Before that, I hadnt really run for 3 years or so!

Is it still possible for me to complete a marathon?  Hoping to do a 4 mile this Sunday and then start increasing, but I have no idea of what is reasonable?

Feel like I should knock it on the head for fear of damaging my leg more (still niggles when walking downhill), but I really don't want to.

Any advice?



  • It is still possible but take it easy and slowly increase the miles.  Find a training plan and follow that.  You have plenty of time to get up to the distance.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I think it depends how much you want to do Chester or if you are ok to look for another marathon, maybe in spring.  Personally, I would advise pulling out.  You'll be lucky if you can put some decent training in without the ITB flaring up again.  I think you are better going back to basics, do stretching and strength work to get it sorted and look for a spring marathon.  Maybe look for a half in Autumn instead?

    Good luck anyway.

  • Sorry read that as a half marathon....as is full think it may be a stretch without flaring up ITB again...so would agree with PipG and look at a spring marathon.

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