HRM for Garmin AND iPhone?


  • its not ant+ so garmins wont see it, 

  • There is an Ant+ attachment available for your iPhone, so your HRM will work but not sure if it works with the App

  • Cheapest I've seen is Here

  • I've got one of them and have used it about twice. (Happy to sell it if you're interested!) Obviously the connector is the old style one and so to use it with an iphone 5 you need a lightning adaptor too. My brother uses one with a lightning adaptor and it works fine. However I'm pretty sure it is only for the Garmin app.

    I think Wahoo fitness do a similiar plug in adaptor that works with other apps than their own but you'll need to research it properly to make sure. DC Rainmaker is probably the best place to start.

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