i want to buy a gilet for the winter, but there was only 3 shown in this months RW, has anybody got any advice - i know that rw had half a dozen in one of last years editions, loooking at the £30-£45 price range with pockets and a bit reflective.


  • I've got a North Face Trail Vest that I've been very pleased with. It was quite expensive at £40 but it is very light and breathable. It does have pockets and a few reflective bits. It's very comfortable to wear and keeps out most of the rain. I tend to wear it with a waterproof baseball cap instead of a waterproof jacket which I find are just too sweaty.
  • The Concurve one looked like a bargain! 19.99
  • If it's the same Concurve one I saw for that price, I've only been able to find it online on a ski site and for £39.99...
  • We've got Saucony gilets we bought from Sportsshoes unlimited at £20.00 should have bought them years ago!
  • Mungus: They have 3 at 20, 30 and 40
  • thanks for replies, does anybody know which edition from last year had the gilets in??
  • Dunno, but RF had a load of reviews aswell! OHHH the choice! Might be worth popping into a running shop and actually trying them out as you mightn't like what the testers liked!
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