Advice and getting back into PR shape.

I haven't ran consistently in a long while, and really want to whip myself back into PR shape.

I really want to get my 5k/10k time down and build up to the Half/Full marathon. Currently, I have been training for about 2 months consistently (I was in school and student teaching during the Spring). I started doing mostly 4 mile runs with a 6-8 mile long run, but have now started doing 6 miles for most of my runs with a weekly long run of 8 miles (which I will soon bump up to 10-12). Currently, I am hitting around 30 miles per week.

I usually do my runs a little under 7-minute pace, but did a recent 6-miler at 6:30 pace, and actually did a 39 minute 6-miler just today. Admittedly, this pace is not conversational pace for me, but it does feel relaxed for the most part. I am usually breathing hard by the end, but I am not completely spent and I usually recover my breath within a couple of minutes. The pace just feels good and natural and I really don't push it that hard.

I also usually go to the gym 1-2 times a week and do about 4 upper body machines, a quad machine, hamstring machine, leg press, and crunches. I do 15-20 reps for 3 sets of each machine and 3 sets of 50 crunches on an incline bench.

What else should I be doing, and where should I go from here? I ran my Junior and Senior year in highschool (16:40 3 mile PR and 10:28 2 mile PR) and one year at a local college (28:55 8k PR and 36:30 10K PR). I haven't been coached since then and didn't run a whole lot after my freshman year of college, although I did play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee.

Any advice, suggested interval workouts, recommendations, and general feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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