Saturday 6th July 2013


Lyrics - This is a song for anyone

Paddy - hope the sea is calm and the wind at your back.

Blisters - enjoy the ride and the meal.

I think Wabo is racing again today? Have a good one if so.

OH - hope the Harris wind is behind you.

Beautiful sunny, hot, start to the day here and we're forecast a few more like it. Lovely.

What:             LSR
Why:              it's on the schedule
Last hard:      30/6
Last rest:       27/4


  • Jasas LMH you beat me by a few seconds. I ha d special words lined up!!


    I'm off for a dip and a drying off spin!!.


    LMH - Enjoy the LSR


    Blisters - Like

    Have a good day all.


  • Morning LMH and Paddy

    Walked Geordie for 45mins, warm and sunny hereimage

    What:No run until at least Wed

    Why: Hols

    Have a good one

  • Morning!

    Go well, racers!

    What: 30 mins shortly
    Why: watching 5k of my runners is up from London and is racing a 5k so will warm up with her then see her at various points on the course.

    Lyrics: here endeth my very short streak of success!

  • Afternoon all

    What: 11.5 miles
    Why: long run day
    Last hard: some of that was at the start
    Last rest: yesterday

    Rewarded with pizza and shandy at lunch and now going to lie in the garden image  Warm and sunny here as well.

    Paddy and Wabo hope today went well.

    Have a good one all.

  • Nice long run, Emzap!

    What: 30 plus minutes, very much fartlek in nature
    Why: watching L35 coachee come 3rd, and first lady, in her off-road NAD 5k. Some hard 2 minute sections in my run!

    Cross-training as well: have got to strip heavy duty paper off 3 walls before builders re-plaster next week. Ideal weather to do it in!

  • Enjoy the sauna Alehouse.

    Pizza for me tonight to refuel emzap. Glad you were feeling well enough for your long run.

    Paddy - you snooze, you lose image Looking forward to reading your report.

    Happy holidays birkmyre.

    Hot, hot, hot out today but much better for me than the cold. 16.5 miles run.

  • Nice long run there LMH, when is your next tri?  You are completely the opposite from me, I like cool to run in!

    Felt ok this morning, but only after running 5km or so.  Still felt dodgy (but better than yesterday) when I got up.  OH seems to have passed out after coming with me this morning...he's not really used to this running lark!

  • Afternoon

    What 15.11  commute
    Why no time for LSR tomorrow
    Lyrics maybe

    It was so hot out there even at stupid o clock. By the time I reached work my bum was so wet from sweat that it looked like I had been sitting in a puddle. Anyway glad to get it out the way but may sneak the odd mile in tomorrow before we go out for the day.

  • OK OK OK. Today was race day.

    Sea conditions - glass. Wind  - low. A few clouds arrived around start time - didn't last long until the Sun prevailed but just about perfect conditions.

    I thought a lot about this race. First time I did that. Had the transitions planned well and decided to myself that it might be the Sea but its still only water and I'm well able to swim!! 

    Got into the water well before the start and had a good swim to get used to breathing and to get myself acclimatised.

    He Hoots the Hooter and I basically went for it - swim aggressively from the start and do not worry about others - ok had a bit of contact with a few but it wasn't bad.

    Got to the first buoy which was 350m diagonally out and turned into the long stretch - this stretch was 950m. So most of the race - it was made for me straight with the waves (all of 6 inches high they were) coming from the right - I favour breathing to the left. looked up every now and again eyeing the next buoy - turn for home - 200m to go - it didn't matter bout waves at this stage as the beach was getting bigger and I knew I had finally nailed the swim!!! HO HO. Got out of the water under 22 mins - into T1 after about  a minute and a half I was down the road on the bike. I'd say I exited the water about 15th.

    Bike went well enough although probably lost a few positions and gained one or two - however knew that chances were that I would have  a stronger run than most - so just keep them in sight!!. Bike split about 1:07 - Knew now that this was my day HO HO. Looking at the results I was 10th bike split.

    Kept T2 under a minute. Both transitions added together are about by single transitions before now!!!

    Onto the run and got the sights out!!! One by one I passed a good few. The course had a few "turnarounds" so you always knew how far the next fella was both ahead and behind. There weren't many ahead now and one was a relay team as the big Cyclist in the International suit turned into a smaller fella with a blue top. Run split 38:02.

    Finished in 2:09:12 absolutely made up with meself - I put this ahead of my 2.43 marathon, mainly as I had opportunities to beat that time and failed due to bad planning and maybe a bit of bad luck!!.

    Finished 5th overall individual and won my category. By the way the category was 35-49 and I'm 48, so it was a big category!!!!

    There it is - I suppose I'm a bit full of meself today but I don't care I worked hard and got the results.

    Go well all - especially Wabo!!!

    Haven't spell checked - Too Tired!!!


    Ho Ho Ho Ho 




  • Ho, Ho, Ho indeed, Paddy! NICE! Win any treasure?!

  • Absolutely Bijeesas Brilliant Paddy! Not only is 35-49 the big category, it's also the one with the hardest nails. As you have just proven. I trust that you will be suitably replenishing the mineral, iron, and fluid depletion with the appropriate medication?

    Postie, that sounded warm! Nice commute.

    Some good MLRs going in today, and such a nice day for it.

    There was a select group turned out for the bike today, the plodding coffee stoppers, and two of us who were up for a bit more. Ben is about 18, swims like a fish and bikes like the wind. I decided on a nice route out to Great Malvern, over the top, and back again. In total we did 58 miles, stopped for ice creams at "British Camp", caught lots of sun, and were absolutely flying along. Flats speeds were often over 20, descent max was 41, and despite the bottom granny ring climb up the big hill we averaged 17.5mph. A great ride.

  • alehouse wrote (see)

    Ho, Ho, Ho indeed, Paddy! NICE! Win any treasure?!

    A few quid and a mug from a local Pottery !!

  • Blister wrote:


    Absolutely Bijeesas Brilliant Paddy! Not only is 35-49 the big category, it's also the one with the hardest nails. As you have just proven. I trust that you will be suitably replenishing the mineral, iron, and fluid depletion with the appropriate medication?


    Suffice to say that the mug will be used and the few quid wont be going in the bank!!

  • what: wet 13.1 @ Harris (2h02 ish)

    why: well it was kinda fun

    last hard: see above

    last rest: Thursday

    lyrics: no
  • Awesome Paddy!

  • Fantastic Paddy - well done! Great report too.

    Just wet OH or windy too?

    emzap - I have a HIM at the end of July but main target is middle of September. My hypothyroidism gives me an increased intolerance to cold but the up side seems to be that I cope better with the heat than many.

  • ace paddy  well doneimage

    no running but 35 miles on the bike for me today. slow and beautiful thru a nature reserve


  • windy but behind us (23mph SW) - Elspeth did 1h53 image
  • hiya, 
    Paddy - great stuff, well done!
    Good long running too elsewhere, and what a day it was (car thing said 27C today)
    no running but we have athletic club exchange this weekend with our German "twins" so collected our girl last night: 3rd time shes been here, been alternating with my eldest for 5 years. Competition this morning, I was chief timekeeper, and fortunately we just edged them out! Leisure park all afternoon, BBQ & disco at the track tonight. 
    Hopefully get a run in tomorrow.

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