I'm relatively new to running and racing (did my first fell races about 9 months ago and started road runing - a little - last October), but I'm starting to take it a little more seriously. One thing I've identified is that I often run hugely positive splits no matter the length of the race.

E.g. I did a 5 mile race yesterday on a pancake course, splits were; 5:43, 6:18, 6:22, 6:48, 6:36. 

Something similar happened when I ran a half marathon. I started off with 2x 6:20 splits and was down to 7:25 by the end.

For me personally, I find it easier to race this way. I just push it hard and keep pushing, and feel relatively satisfied because I've got nothing left at the end. But there's more than a minute/mile difference in my 1st and 4th split. Am I going seriously wrong here, or should I just keep running how I feel suits me?

Any advice or links to good info on pacing would be appreciated.


  • You have answered your own question here I think?

    All the money I have won in running races would not buy me a pair of trainers!

    Why else would you run if it was not to feel satisfied at the end?

    But in my experience you run faster when you equal or negative split, this is how I evaluate my pacing.

    Over a marathon distance getting the early pace correct can mean half an hour off my time!

  • When you say you find it easier this way (big positive splits), what did it feel like when you tried to run even/negative splits? What results did you get running even paced - you didn't mention that bit. I'm all for putting it all on the line, but you have demonstrated a massive fade in a short race. Don't you get a bit dispirited with everyone overtaking later on?

    Personally, my favourite runner is the one that sets off far too fast, so that I can overtake them later on. image

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