Belper Rugby Rover 30K

Pencilled this in as part of marathon prep. Anyone raced it before? Is it clear or is navigation needed?


  • Done it several times. A good event and I've only managed to go slightly wrong once, but that was probably my fault. The course is well marshalled and marked for a long one.


  • Thanks Nick. Is there a lot of climbing? I`d heard it`s pretty tough. Think it will be an eod for me if I decide to do it. If it`s as hot as today (I did Spire 10), I`d take the early training run option instead!

  • I ran it last year, great event & course, but pretty tough. I am into a 10 week training plan for this year, peaking at a 20 mile run, which still might not be enough to compensate for the hills!

  • Yep, quite a few hills and it's listed in the Fellrunners handbook. Having said that it's not a proper fell race, more of a trail / multi-terrain race. Last year it was fairly hot and I seem to remember getting hosed down at the finish ! I would certainly recommend it if you like off road, hilly races.

  • That funny, it might have been my Son on the hose, he was having a great time hosing people down at the end.

    last year was pretty hot, I struggled in at 3:35 for the 18.5 miles, and ran the Ashby 20, in 2:39,this year, so there's a fair bit of extra effort if you are normally a road runner.

  • Thanks fellas. That`s really helpful. It sounds like it would be more than a fair swap for the 20 mile training run I would do instead. Anyone know if there`s any entertainment / stuff for kids to do?

  • It starts & finishes at the Rugby club, there is the rugby pitch, with Belper town centre only 2 min's, walk away.

    My family drove up to the Bear Pub at Alderwasley, which is about 10 miles in, I think the highest point of the run.

  • It's a brilliant race ET and in my opinion one of the best in the country in terms of the overall package. Its a tough race but you will love it and definitley a good effort to race this as opposed to along run.

    I always pencil this in first as one of my autumn build up races and is the only race that I'll definitely go back for year after year. So I'll see you there. Oh no, hang on. I won't because my stupid wife has booked a stupid holiday right in the middle of stupid August image

    Have a good race!

  • Is it necessary to wear trail shoes or, if it is dry, will I be ok in my Brooks road shoes?

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    moving up to Chesterfield from Berkshire so a soft southerner. Hopefully moving on 9th August so this fits in perfectly with the move and with training for Abingdon & Snowdon in October.  

    Just the matter of a few slopes then?! I mean, how hard can it be? image 

    Recommended to me by Brer. If you read this, i's all your fault I'll be crippled......


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Just about to enter this, but the posts about mud are putting me off slightly.  Only rone one trail run which nearyl killed me, but training for Yorkshire Marathon and upto 18 miles.  Interested to see if trail shoes are needed as I don't have any.

  • Unless it's been very wet I think road shoes would be best as there is a fair bit of tarmac & hard packed trails.


  • I want to sign in that run on the race day. Do you know how many runners have entered  so far ?

  • Thanks Nick.

    Piotr - don`t know but pretty sure that this race usually has plenty of space! . . .

  • I've entered,I'm quite looking forward to some hills!

  • Just looking for next w/e and this looks brilliant. I don't even pretend to be a competitive runner, more of a tourist who happens to run. I'm guessing the scenery will be glorious, especially from the hill tops image

  • Chimney.. Tis a doddle now you live in hilly Chesterfield!!

  • Hi brer rabbit! I find myself strangely tempted by this. How insanely difficult are the hills on a scale from 1 to 10 given that I am mainly good at flat road races? I notice from my webstalking that there are some quite slow times by quite good runners. That'll just be cos they weren't really trying, right?

    Oh, sorry, and also obviously other people (above) who've done it. It's just I 'know' brer from other threads. Also, I don't mind hills that much, just don't want to destroy myself.

  • I`m still waiting to see. I`m off to do a longish hilly run (13ish) now and will see how it goes. Going to be a last min eod if I do it.

  • So, how hard is this run?   Have done TMW half recently and found that ok, so would I be ok for this?  Also, roughly how much is on road?

    JP - you'll definitely need trail shoes (imho) for the Yorkie image  It's one of my fave races and I'm hoping to do the half again this year (all 15 miles of it image).  

  • I`m sure I saw a hill profile on their website somewhere. Anyone able to compare it to Eyam HM?


    I seem to have accidentally arranged a lift and printed out the course map. See some of you there?

  • Same, literatin. Strange how these things happen. image

  • I`ve studied hard (climbs pretty much done by 9 miles?) and emailed to see if I can eod !

  • ET - let me know if it turns out we can't - I was assuming it'd be okay for an extra quid as long as you don't mind not getting a t-shirt.

  • Just nervously getting ready for this.  Look forward to reading people's experiences later, good luck everyone...! 

  • So how did everyone get on? Are the results on line anywhere?


    ps. sorry literatin - didn`t see your post until now.

  • So, those hills were a bit steep, weren't they. Also, ET, falsely claiming that all the uphill would be over by 9 miles was a bit demoraising for the rest of us. I did more or less run up all the hills though because I think one ought to. So there.

    2:34:17 and 3rd lady (4th overall but 3rd was 1st VF45 because 1st V45 was 1st overall) so won a giant carrier bag full of randomly chosen items. Then went to the pub.

    Edit: I think the results should be online eventually but they were posted on the wall at the clubhouse if you hung around long enough after.

  • ...and you didn't tell us how you got on?

  • Loved this run today image  Congrats on your run literatin - brilliant result.   Took me over an hour longer than you to finish, but it would have been rude not to stop to look at all that fab scenery image  Really well marked course - don't think you could have got lost - which was good because there were quite a few times when I couldn't see anyone in front, or behind, me image  Would defo do again!

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