New Forest 10

Just wondered who else was heading to the New Forest next weekend for the NF10? It's my first time doing it (and my first trail race) so really looking forward to it. Hope the temperatures reduce a bit next weekend though as only 8.30am here at the moment and it's already flippin hot!

Does anyone know how hilly/flat the course is? I've heard from most people it's fairly flat but then a couple of people have given conflicting reports that there are a couple of hills along the route. It's all relative I suppose (or maybe they got lost?!)

Also looking forward to getting a horse brass instead of a medal!


  • I've only done it once before in 2009 and remember it being flat, it is the heat that is the killer. the course is quite exposed and there is not much shade. I am running next week, but if the weather is like this weekend I doubt many records will be getting broken. 

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    It's not that hilly but not a pb course and it'll be warm. Great day out though and I'd be doing it if not working and injured.

  • Im going, I heard it was flat but being trail it will be a little harder on the legs than a road 10. Just wondering if I can run in an huge straw hat with a camelback if this weather continues!!

  • I've ran it a couple of times.

    It's relatively flat,  no killer hills.

    It will be hot though.  Always is for some reason.


  • Forecast is looking like it's going to stick at about 24 degrees so will watch out for the firemen and slap on the factor 50 (I'm a pasty redhead - can't cope with anything less!).

    What's the parking like there? I wasn't planning on going down until just before the race starts but wasn't sure whether I'd struggle to get into the car park if I left it too late?

    Really looking forward to it now - I think the heat has changed my mindset from it being a race to a nice country run - no expectations on a time etc...

  • The car park is a very big field so there will be plenty of space.

    I wouldn't leave it to late though.  New Forest roads can be very busy in the summer and you caneasily br held up

  • Hello, does anybody know if it's possible to leave luggage somewhere? I won't be by car so don't have the option of leaving my stuff in a car. 

  • Darina,

    There is no mention in the race literature of any supervised baggage area, but I believe some runners leave their kit bags in the information tent. I've never looked into this matter before, as I always leave my gear in the boot for this race. Some competitors cycle to the event, so I imagine there must be some form of supervision.

    Good luck every body, take it easy at first and then speed up later, if possible. This will be my 21st NF10 so I am very familiar with the course and the hot temperatures.

  • Yes, I confirmed with organisers, I can leave my stuff in the information tent. Good luck to all of you and have fun image!!! 

  • Hi all, Looks like it's going to be a good day as it will be hot, last time I did this race, the ground got very dry around the area just after the start, which meant as the runners went along the air got very dusty I had the good fortune of getting a few big lung fulls of it.  So this time i'll keep my mouth shut....well until I start talking to whoevers around me image.  Good Luck.


  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Course is undulating and hot even in cooler years so be prepared. I've always left my stuff in the info tent. Hopefully geogab who wrote that great review of last year's race will be back to enjoy it.


  • I've just run the course (as New Forest club member we do our "race" the evening before) and just to say be prepared for a hot one folks! I know it's stating the bleedin' obvious but it was really warm out there at 6pm and felt even warmer amongst the trees on the forest tracks. 

    So remember your hydration and sun cream...

    Just saying...image

    Enjoy the race, at least we're not flooded out like last year!

  • New running cap and vest top, factor 50 suncream and sports drink purchased yesterday - am good to go (albeit slowly in the heat!) - hot already in my back garden in Poole.

  • Wow, it certainly was very hot, and I'm sure hotter than the 29 degrees forecasted. I ran my second slowest NF10 in 1.28.07. The heat was obviously a factor, but can't really use it as an excuse, as it was my 21st running of the race, and it has always been very hot, except for one year when it poured with rain.

  • Love the race only 2nd time of doing it. Heat was a killer but such great organisation of marshalls and water stations they did a fab job keeping us hydrated and must have been hard for them in that heat too. Love this race will defo be back for more. Has put me off of desert racing now though image



  • Results are on the web now. There were 775 finishers. I don't know how many started, but I would think some dropped out due to the heat.

  • I think a lot of people didn't even start due to the heat - I'm pretty sure there are normally about a thousand entries and I saw people with race numbers of 1006 etc - I admit, the heat very nearly put me off - glad I went for it though - even if it was a Personal Worst by 20 minutes!

  • Bit spooky Terence, we're both on the same thread, you finished 8 seconds in front of me!

  • It is a bit Tel. I was wearing a white cap and I wonder if I overtook you, or you were catching me up.

  • I was catching you, did you have a blue vest on? I think I followed you into the tent where they gave out the medals, I had a red vest on. 

  • I was wearing my Hardley Runners vest which is a sort of purple colour.

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