First run this morning

I just completed  my first run this morning which was a 1.5 mile jog along side the river at 8.30am. I was a little disappointed that I stopped is couple of itmes towards the end for about 10 secs. I think next time I will do the same route at the same speed but try not to stop at all. 

Does anyone know at running apps that work on pre OS 5 iPhones mine is a bit old and broken so I can't update it.

Does anyone have any tips for a beginner?


  • YKWYKW ✭✭✭

    Look at the Couch to 5K (C25K) App - there are numerous websites relaying the same information - and also on the NHS website.

    There is nothing wrong with walking as a beginner. However if you are able to do 1.5 miles straight off the bat - then are you already doing pretty well.





  • When I first started I couldn't run half a mile continuously, let alone 1.5 miles.

    Build up your distance speed slowly. A treadmill has been very useful for me to pace myself and gradually improve. Set yourself targets. When you first start running you will make massive improvements, which helps your motivation.



  • Thanks for your replies. At the moment I don't have any way of measuring distance (iphone wont download a running app) so I'm using mapped out routes that I find online (so I know the distance) and then timing it. 

  • I use a website call Mapmyrun (

    You can use its route creation tools to map out a route and it will tell you the total distance covered.


  • Went a run to today along the same route except I missed the footpath and continued straight along the river (the route goes along a foot path, drops down alongside the river, then the foot path moves slightly away from the river) so I think I managed to do a very slightly longer route (am going to check with map my run). I was thrilled that I managed to jog all the way this time without stopping. image 

  • I use Runkeeper on  my android phone, it tracks distance via GPS and timings etc, there may be on the Apple Store?

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