Starting again after a year but hate c25k

Anyone do this?

Basically I completed c25k last year and loved it but then got injured and lost my mojo. Haven't been out since and really want to but just can't. Not sure where my headphones are, or my armband, hate the thought of a 5min walk at start and it just sounds bleurgh.

So just debating putting on kit,no timings and just running straight out of the door. Walk when I want to and run when I want to for however long I want to be out for, 15 mins or 30 whatever. Obviously will try to challenge myself and warm up stretches before and after as I get on but not sure about the C25K.

Any thoughts or am I setting myself up for failure??



  • The best way to get back into it is to do what you suggest, just go out there for as long as you like and enjoy it..

    It's not compulsory to follow a programme - some people like the structure it gives, others don't. 

  • I have a similar question if I may. I'm currently doing the C25K but my progress has been rather hit and miss due to having a couple of weeks without running and i'm currently on week 4 of 9. But finding even that tough. I currently run three times a week. Is there anything wrong with running perhaps five times a week?

    I'm concious that my overall aerobic fitness is at rock bottom and I feel like I really need to build that up quicker than I am currently. I want to run every day, I just don't because I'm worried about over doing it. But if i'm only running for a max of 5 minutes, am I being over cautious? If my legs feel fresh, should I just go for it?

  • Running for 5 minutes is a waste of time really, it takes at least 20 minutes just to warm up.

    You'd probably get more benefit from going out and walking briskly for an hour.

    Why not do that, or some other cross training, in addition to your three runs?

  • Sorry my fault, what I meant was the longest run is 5 minutes in the session. You do 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes.. with walking breaks in between. I do have the option of cross training too, that's a good point.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    NorwichRunner, Don't do it!

    In simple terms, training has 2 elements... first you run, exhaust yourself, pound your muscles tendons and bones..  Then you allow your body to recover... and as it mends itself from the micro-damage, it adapts and makes everything just a little bit stronger. This is an iterative process... and the second element is just as important as the intial exercise.

    The amount of recovery needed by each individual  varies.  And it varies with time the amount of training you've done.  But as a beginner, best to play safe. Too many people get overenthusiastice and injure themselves.

    If you're finding it hard, repeat a week, then move forwards.

    Stick with it.  With perserverance and patience, you'll get to 5K... and in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter if you get there in 8 weeks or 11 weeks.

    Keep it up and good luck

  • knackered, was in a similar boat to you, a couple of years ago I completed a C25K and ran a couple of 5k's then gave up (work and life sh&t). When I started running again I just went out and enjoyed running for runnings sake and in Feb this year began following the HADD program (sort of). 

    NorwichRunner, as Run wales suggests don't overcook things to begin with, maybe repeat a week of your C25K plan and when it's finished move things along? as above, maybe look at something like HADD? it's working for me (I think) and running to HR you can run every day if you wish.

  • Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Thing is I've been getting so daunted about finding all my kit and wiring that the armband doesn't fire my new phone and worrying about my route and if I have time to go or for 30 mins I just haven't gone especially as I'm an early morning person in that respect. However the thought of just taking 15 or 20 mins and running as much as I can straight out of the door then walking off and when I want to sounds far more appealing. Will go tomorrow morning am before work I think, just get up at 6 and go out until I want to head back.

  • Good Luck Knackered.

    It's not always about forcing yourself to go out the door and do a run it's about wanting to go out that door and have a run. if it means leaving the gadgets and the plan behind do it. 

    P.s. i like running, even the hills, but i still can't face speedwork yet. we all dread something about running 

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