Really odd thing with my knee

Hi, I have something really odd with my knee when I run and would really appreciate knowing if it has ever happened to anyone else and if so, how did you fix it!

When I take off on my left leg only, as the leg bends upwards into the recovery phase my knee goes all loose, kind of feeling like the knee has no support left in it and is going to fall apart.

The is no pain in my leg at all, nothing is sore or painful at all. I have been both my doctor and to three different physios and have been pulled, pushed and prodded in every way shape and form and been told that there is nothing wrong with my knee, ITB, quad, Hamstring, calf, Achilles etc etc. You name it, they have had a theory that has been disproven. I have had several sets of sports massage also which again have shown that there is nothing abnormally tight etc in my leg. I have also seen a PT who tested to see if my legs were particulary unblanced in terms of strength between my quads and hamstrings, again no problem.

Now for the really wierd part, I can still do everything else with no problems, swimming, Body combat, Body attack - including the jumping, weights, cycling, swimming - including breaststroke. There is no pain, no instability - NOTHING!!

Am getting rather depressed with the whole thing now as I just cant run more than about a km very slowly without it happening.

Anyone got any ideas or experienced anything similar??


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Damaged nerve connected with your lower back. The massage gets disrupted on the way down.

  • Any chance you could elaborate a little more please? Any ideas how you would sort that out?

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