What GPS is best for this.

Hi Looking for some advice on the best watch/GPS for the price that does the following.
-Track distances and speeds.
-Tracks current pace
-Links to a Heart Rate Monitor ( prefrebally comes with one)
-Has a virtual partner
-Allows uploads to some site to help track progress.

I think that is all. What I want to be able to do is for a  5k run set it up so i can say for the first 1k go at 6:10 2nd k 6:05 3rd 6:00 4th 5:55 then last 5:50 for example. Or alt least something that I can say I want to average 6min/k.
Tried using iPhone Apps but not impressed with the accuracy. 
HRM probably dont really need one but would be handy to have. 
I dont want to spend a lot but will get pay if its reliable and fits the about.
Buying cheep normally means buying twice.




  • If you want all that I think Garmin 410 or a more expensive 610. If you skip virtual partner, FR 210. Pretty much the same price, 410 has more features but the bezel is a controversial feature. 

  • If you're genuinely not fussed about a HR monitor, the Garmin FR10 does everything else.

  • Just got myself a Garmin 610 for £196 off amazon. Don't think you can argue with that price and it will do everything you need. Although I didn't get the heart rate monitor.

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