Monday 8th July 2013

emzapemzap ✭✭✭


Lyrics: We'll be singing When we're winning

What: lacrosse training
Why: it's today!
last hard: saturday
Last rest: Friday

Have a good one all.


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Oh and yesterday's lyrics were Doris Day and Que Sera Sera

  • Morning - and another beautiful one here.

    Blisters - glad you enjoyed the meal and your day yesterday.

    Second holiday sounds much more like it donaldo - who talked you in to Benidorm?

    What:             bike time
    Why:              good weather, time, it's where the gains are to be made
    Last hard:      30/6
    Last rest:       27/4

    Lyrics - yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    Enjoy your recovery holiday Don !!
    what - maybe a few miles at lunchtime, more likely tonight.
    why - work in the way so will miss vets fixture but hopefully get the chance to run. Managed ~45 minutes yesterday around the midday sun. Absolutely lovely day to be out. Even the sheep were lethargic: not bothering to escape the shade as I went past.
    Last rest - most of last week was easy
    Last hard - cheering on a scot, now unsurprisingly 1/20 to win sports personality. Running wise - marathon a week ago

    lyric - yep

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    sounds like a great anniversary, Blisters image

    what: 13 miles with 8 @ MP
    why: coz I was lazy all weekend
    last rest: yesterday
    last hard: keeping my HR in check today (muggy even at stupid o'clock)
    lyrics: yes

  • What: maybe a swim later
    Why: nice day
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: technically yesterday but did 5h drive back from Skye

    Dustin - AM's just a Scot when he loses but British when he wins image
    We were on the ferry for the last set. The reception failed a few minutes into the crossing and we were left with odd snippets image

  • Morning all!

    I have been away from the forum while the semester was wizzing by, but now that is over, and I believe you may be interested to know this:

    Stickless and I completed the SLMM yesterday, with time to spare on the cut-off time! It was great fun. We were slow, as we expected, but we managed to find all the controls, get up all the required hills, and down again. The final descent was more or less sliding down between the gorse bushes, and I was this morning still finding bits of gorse in very unexpected or unmentionable places.

    Stickless is absolutely chuffed, and wondering how to break the news to her neurologist image

    We're already planning the next one, if our calendars allow for a reunion of Team Kingfisherimage

    I am moving to the US in the next 6 weeks, so if you don't see me around again for a while, just assume I am still floating on little endorphine-enduced clouds for the time being.

    hope all is well, and may the training and racing be fun!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Hello Tine well done to you and Stickless what an achievement image  Good luck with your move to the US too.

  • So pleased to hear it Tine - well done! I've been thinking about Stickless a lot recently and wondering how she was doing. Hope your move is as stress free as possible.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    afternoon all

    lyrics yes and so true..

    what a fantastic post from tinebeest, chuffed for you both!! Good luck with the move tine x

    chickadee that's a kick start to the week if ever I saw one!

    what: 7 miles early this morning

    why: training for snowdonia starts here

    last hard: that was very

    last easy: yesterday

    have  a good day all

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Afternoon (too nice to be evening yet!)!

    Well done Tine and Stickless.

    What: 12. Unfortunately they were slow minutes.
    Why: niggly ankle. Not as niggly as my L62 coachee who, in the last few strides of her race yesterday, went over on her ankle. Now on crutches and unless she is extremely lucky she is not going to be running for quite some time. Hospital said ligament damage.

    Lyrics: yes.

    Wabo: did you race at the weekend? And are you following a particular plan for Snowdonia (apart from running up every hill you can find!)?

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about sore ankle Ale. Hope it is better soon.

    Lacrosse was cancelled, so 5.5 incredibly tough miles.  It was so hot and the wind seemed to be in my face the whole way!

    Need a day off running tomorrow image

  • Wabo - don't like this idea of starting Snowdonia preparation - it still seems a long way off (and I'd like a little rest image)

    Hope ankle remains no more than a niggle AH

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Excellent Tinebeest and Stickless, thats fabulous, plus all the best with the move to the US

    Rest day here

    As for wimbledon champs, what about Marruy in the Double last year and V Wade back in 77......, both Brits last time I loked...image

    Lyrics, yes

    Take care


  • Congratulations to the champions, by whom, I mean Tinebeast and Stickless. Also to anyone who got out there and got running. Today was one for sorting out the sheep from the goats eh?
    Alehouse, you take this recuperation slowly and steadily. Your head already accepts that it will be a prologed return, you have to convince the heart yet. And STRETCH.

    The papers I saw today were full of discussion about A Murray getting a knighthood. He will think that bonkers, as I do. Certainly some gong from HMQ is in the offing according to the PM. But I have a question. It's my dim memory at fault here. What gong was awarded to V Wade?

    Anyway, with that thought, and a negative on the lyrics (I've been humming Don't Stop Me Now by Queen) I shall progress towards today's training. After a hot day and a prompt finish: off to Tenby. In to the water at 6pm, there was  a shoal of triathletes who swam once around the bay, and I had to work to keep to the back of them. That was 30 mins. They swam a mile, I cut a couple of corners. MORE I hear you call, so I went around again, not cutting corners. This time I went much further but did 45 mins. There were some interesting jellyfish, and I hate jellyfish. The water had hot and cold parts, with the coldest near to the beach. Eh? Anyway, I'm guessing on 2 miles swum. Very pleasing.

    A change and onto the bike, seeing as I'd got it. 2 miles out and there's a chip van. Oh YES PLEASE. A small bag of salted chips in my bumbag and cycle off, practising my Pirates Nutrition regime. Total 23 miles but a pleasant ride. A steak and a Guinness for tea. Sorted.

    If anyone's doing the West Wales marathon next week, it's a bitch. I cycled the course.

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