Clicking ankles

Over the past 6 months I have completed three marathons and one endurance run! In the past month or so my ankle has started clicking and feel as though no bounce when I begin running! Had a sports massage recently and advised probably due to tight flags! Having trouble stretching calf as can't put heel all way to floor when stretching... Any ideas?


  • No idea, but whatever you do, don't ignore it.  Sounds like you're getting an early warning to something worse.  The solution will almost certainly include some rest.  You can always cross train, to keep fit during this time.  However, I'm getting a bit ahead here image ...

    Try a sports physio.  From what I understand, they can be a bit hit or miss, so if you find one that has a good reputation, pay whatever they ask and travel as far as you need to.  It'll be worth it.

  • Reindeers have a click when they walk so that other reindeer can follow them through a blizzard.

    You're probably not evolving into a reindeer though - so I'd take Faithsdaddys advice.

    Something is up and you need it diagnosed - but you'd be stupid to carry on running and risk being out of action for longer.
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