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booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

Well after spending a lot of time dithering and not being able to make a decision. I went for it just now and ordered a pair of Kayano 19s as replacements for my 2170s.

Should arrive in about a week, i'll try to remember to update this with my thoughts on them and if it was the right decision or not. image


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Kayanos are the 'superior' version to the 2000 series, but I managed to get a pair last year for £60 and have alternated them with my 2160s & 2170s: I never spend over £65 on trainers.
    Can't say I noticed a large difference support wise, but they have lasted for ages. I could be lucky and got a well made pair, but last 3 or 4 2170s have lasted barely 350 miles before they split (I have wide feet and they get threadbare and split around the big toe 'knuckle'). Just done another 6 in the Kayanos, taking the tally close to 700.

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Will be interesting to see how you get on booktrunk. I have just done my first run in my discounted Kayano 19s, and didn't really notice any difference in the level of support to my 1170s. That seems to tally with reviews saying they reduced the support in the 19s. They seem a bit plush compared to my £40 1170s - bit too good for the likes of me image. Will report when I do something a bit longer. Currently alternating a couple of pairs of 1170s; both have gone over 500 miles but feel as good as new

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    My 2170s have done around 400 so far, which isan't a huge amount but I am startling to get aches under my arches which I've never had before. They were posted today, so should be here by the weekend.image


    but I'm at the cricket Sunday if it goes to 5 days. Then Lords next Sunday, oh ad at Durham for 2 days image so might not run until early next week in them image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Ok. They arrived today and I did as little 8.2km run in them.

    So, what do I think? Hummmm less cushioning than I was expecting. Maybe if I wanted big comfy I need to try the more neutral cloud trainers.  

    It has nice support for the arch, but after one run I'm just not sure I've been in 2170s for 900m so it's not surprising they feel different. we're very comfy on grass felt slightly less padding them I'm used to on Tarmac.

    So, comfy but not very padded, no real idea how I feel about them yet, need a few more runs. great shoes and nice on arches but not very padded, glad I've lost a lot of weight image

  • Hi....

    So i've used them, along with my old trusty 2170s what was my verdict....

    Not Great, they don't support the foot as well as i found the 2170s did and there was less cushioning I did the first 35m of Ladybower 50 in my 2170s and last 15 in these they were fine, but really felt the stones below my feet. 

    Ran Leicester marathon in them as my 2170s were very tired, and i've got a few ankle problems which i think only started around when i got these.  So overall just not suited to me i've done 200-250 miles in them, if I join a gym i might use them for that, but frankly i'm not going to wear them for a run, unless it's very short and fully on a road. Just didn't work out that great for me come payday i'm off hunting for different shoes, will have a gait analysis done this time. 

    Just not enough in the way of support or cushioning for me,

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Out of interest, why didnt you just move the the gt2000?? I am on those following 2170 and I really like them and if anything think they are an improvement.

  • The early reviews seemed to be bad, there have been some good ones since but the ones at the time I read were all pretty negative about them.  Going to give them a try in a shop come pay day.  Of course the 2000-2 is out now!

    Wish i'd just gone with them nowimage but then again think i could do with having my gait analysed just for the sake of it run a bit now, and curious to actually see what someone else thinks i'm like. I don't know if your style changes much over time or at all,  Just did the wet foot test and guessed 2160/2170s image also more and more stuff you read seems to imply that frankly there is a lot of hokum and if you get neutral trainers with the cusioning level of your choice and get used to them you won't go far wrong.... but then again it's lack of support that i'm complaining about!! HEHE image So i'm going to try to be good and not just buy something cheap, although i'm tempted as a couple of websites have 2000s at sub £60

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well have them at  £59.95 and you will easily find a 15% off code for them as well on a google search.

    I had a gait done and was told I was pronating so mildly now (this apparently happens by building muscle as you run more) that I could get a neutral shoe. Took gel cumulus and had shin pains, knee pains etc. Then got the gt2000 andthose pains all vanished. I have 2 pairs on go and may grab another 2 pairs shortly to take me through to next summer.

  • I'm temped to jusy do that myself and see how it goes. But I like gadgets, and i've never had a foot analysis done.... But, I know i'm a sucker and i'd likely walk out paying a lot for a pair of shoes whilst i'm there.

    But then again if it's a local small shop they need people to keep them in business... But i'd really rather not pay another £40 for the same pair of trainers, heck could nearly get another pair for that.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    my local was £100 for the 2000's when I bought in may and that was with running club discount. I got 2 pairs back then for £114.

  • I'm surprised about the cushioning booktrunk, but then I've never worn GT2170s before. The kayanos feel like I'm running on pillows compared to the GT1170s / GT1000s that I normally wear with about similar levels of support (I was concerned there would be too much support).

    I think as a fair test and to complete the write up, you now need to run 35m in the kayanos and then a further 15m in the 2170s image

  • BASTARD image

  • Errrr Sorry that's a No Thanks image


  • Ok that is a no then! image

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    I love Kayano 19s. I've been wearing Kayanos for a few years and found 18s too narrow across the front of my foot but 19s feel so much comfier and lighter. I have also tried GT2000 and various other brand top end mild support shoe but, IMO, they're not a patch on Kayanos. So much so that I've got two pairs of unopened K19s waiting for my next marathon campaign. I tend to relegate them to my 'easy run' shies after 500 miles or so.

    Boottrunk, maybe you need something more supportive - say, Asics Evolution or Foundation...or whatever they're called these days. I've tried Foundation myself and found them a bit clunky/heavy, but then I'm only a mild over pronator.
  • Thanks Shazmo I'll have a lookimage

  • I have the 2170's which had the most use up until last year. I read great reviews about the Kayanos so I bought a pair and ran them in over a few runs but didnt like them as much, they seemed (for me) to lack support the 2170 support. I ran a 10k in them and later developed a bad lower back injury. I do not know if the change in shoe had anything to do with this but suffice to say it has put me off wearing them. Instead I opted for the GT2000's and while imo they are not as good as the 2170's they are great for what I need and the milege and cross training that I do.I am due for a new pair in the next month or so, the GT2000-2 are at the top of the shopping list so far. Having said that, it would be interesting to see how the Kayano 20's fair with the reviews. They seem to have had a number of updates.

  • Well... I just could not resist cheap trainers .. GT2000s with a 10% off code under £53 from just that much cheaper if they are as comfy as my old 2170s might get another pair! 

  • Ran in 2170s before and loved them. Changed to Kayano 18 - not enough arch support and got shin splints. Changed to 2000s and got ITB issues. Moved over to Brooks GTS and haven't looked back - nearest shoe I could find to the 2170s! Good luck.
  • Cheersimage if these don't work I'll have to give a pair of them a go. 

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