Hip, thigh & knee pain!!!

I am currently half marathon training and have been steadily increasing my long run to 10 to miles a week. But I have now been developed pain and discomfort in my right leg for the last 2 weeks. The pain is mainly in the side of my hip and a pulling sensation down the front of my thigh which is uncomfortable to run on. Plus my knee was very stiff and painful and after my long run although this eases up through the day. Its mildly painful and niggly when I walk but the the impact of mu right foot landing when I run causes the pain during a run.

I have history of ITBS and have been treating it with rest, no running, foam roller and cross training on my bike but this feels like a different injury as the pain down the front of thigh is different. I did a very painful 15 min run after my long run last week and am wondering whether to consult a physio yet at this stage.

Any advice appreciated.

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