How addictive is this

I have never been ableto jog or so I thought I used to play footy and rugby league always able to sprint but never able to sustain a jog. If I got asked to jog round the pitch twice id be coughing up a lung. Done a fair bit of cycling so thought Id give it a go.
Did the c25K for the first 2 weeks. The first few times were a real challenge, one thing i did notice was I was running fast on the runs but walking really slow on the walks. So after week 2 i ditched it and just went out for a jog, managed 5 k in 35 mins. Then at the weekend I did a park run in 31 mins I never thought Id be able to do that. 
now I want to go sub 30. Tried a run tonight to do a 6min/k pace but was to hot so I did 7.5k in 51 mins.
If someone had told me a month or so ago Id be wanting to go for jogs Id have said they were mad.


  • I'd never ran since I left school (and never voluntarily then).

    2.5 years ago at age 53y I decided to try the local half (Hoy) as a one off just to say I'd done it (and then plan was to stop).

    However, have now just completed my 13th half. Also done 4 full half marathons ... Without too much effort last month, I even had my arm twisted by my wife into a 30 mile ultra at 2 weeks notice.

    I'll not be winning any races, but is it addictive? - fr me, it rather looks that way! image

  • I started 6 months ago and thought it would last a week or two, now i run 3 or 4 times a week and feel guilty when i stay indoors.

  • It really is addictive. A few months ago I couldn't run any distance at all. Now my goal is to do a sub 20 5k.

  • Highly addictive! Simple as that image

  • I started 4 years ago to lose weight, then started running on trails and now love running just for the sake of running. Started slowly and just kept adding distance. Did my first 50 miler in April, aiming for 72 in July and then who knows image Adding miles is very addictive image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    How about the Thames 250m run with 100 hour limit image

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