Just registered for 10k!!!!

Help guys!! I have literally just completed a 5k and have decided to do a 10k in September.... Am I mad? How do I go about training for this? 


  • You've got loads of time, as long as you're planning on running regularly. Have a look at some of the plans on here or the running coach facility. 

    Try and get in a gradually longer run, an intervals or hills session and a steady run each week at least. 

  • First off Amy, calm down! 

    How did the 5k go? Time wise. How did you feel etc?

    as daft as it sounds just start running 3/4 times a week steady miles for 3, making the fourth a little slower but longer.

    for a simple 10k I would probably expect the training to look like 

    2/3 miles, rest, 2/3 miles, rest, then over the weekend do a nice slow 6/7 gradually building up 10% each week.

    you must remember to knock back a week after 3 weeks though.


    hope this helps and by no way is it the best but very little info given so that's what I would do if i was fairly new to it image

  • Thanks for the advice guys. I did my 5k in 35 mins. I felt like my chest was going to explode afterwards but generally ok.  Sorry not great with running lingo- what do you mean by knock back a week?? 

  • Reduce your mileage to give your body time to recover so you can carry on challenging it in the other weeks!

  • Ah thanks Mrs Noel. That makes sense. I'm a little worried that I've gone a little mad by doing this as I am a sprinter by nature. On with the training!

  • Amy, if it is any concelation I am 43 and it took me 5 months to train from scratch to run the 10k, out of that it took me 3 months to run 5k. By that nature I went from 5 to 10 in 2 months. My first run up to 5k i could do 1 mins running and had to walk home.

    You have a running base as a sprinter, so with a regular programme you should be fine.

    I am getting help all the time from people by asking questions, so what I am telling you is from my own knowledge.

    If you are not bothered about times get the 10k app from Zen Labs on your phone and stick to it, running three times a week. Alternatively if you are thinking more about time then others would be best to offer you the advice as I am still learning.

    I am also doing a 10km in September, is it by any chance Salford you are doing?

  • Thanks for the advice John. Ill definately get that app! I'm from the south east I'm afraid so not Salford. I have 8 weeks to train so hopefully I should be ok. :-/

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    No need for the :-/  emoticon.  You have plenty of time to get there.  Just have patience and don't fall into the trap of trying to accelerate any training programme that you're following.

    Take it steady... build your endurance, but avoid injury.

  • Amy

    Put you details into Smartcoach here: http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/runners-world-smartcoach/3057.html

    That will give you a reasonable plan: follow that, and you will be fine. I woulod also keep doing the 5Ks: parkrun is the answer! http://www.parkrun.org.uk

  • Amy - I completed my first 5k race on Sunday (race for life) and entered a 10k which is at August BH so I am totally with you!!

    I did the 5k in 34mins (not bad as really hot on Sun!!) and the furthest I have run so far is 6k which I did in 42mins so looking at doing the 10k in 1hr++

    Let me know if you want a run buddy image

  • I'm another one who started C25K in February, ran a 5k at the end of May and signed up for a 10k the very next day! image Clearly it's a heady combination of mid-life crisis and endorphins! LOL!


    I haven't done much serious training yet, but I do need to start focusing on the 10k training now. I've also started doing parkruns which are fantastic. I'd definitely recommend trying them.

  • I'm with you too, started running at the start of the year and can now do the 5k park run in just under 29 minutes.  Did the 2.5 mile village fun run a couple of weeks ago in 23 minutes, which was what I was practising for in the first place, and at the weekend saw a sign up for a scenic local 10k at the end of September...

    Have been a bit lazy since the fun run but the heat doesn't help.  Have just handed over being a Beaver Leader though so am now ready to concentrate on gardening, Morris dancing and running, my ideal life!  Intend to go and trot barefoot round the school field a few times as an experiment, but otherwise just keep running a bit further each week.

  • thanks for all the replies everyone! I wasn't getting updated to say I had replies so just seen them all today! 'FatGirlRuns' where do you live - i would love a running buddy!!!

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