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I've just seen an article in the July issue of RW about the ElliptiGo...  It's kinda like an elliptical trainer with wheels...  I was wondering if anyone has actually given one of these a go and, if so, is it something you'd recommend.  I can't really see it going mainstream...  It looks more like a novelty item, like that Segway thing, to me.


  • I've been riding one for around 2months and can't get enough. I'd recommend you test one out before you think about purchasing

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    CN -- Dare I ask where you've been riding it around?  And is it just a cross-trainer with wheels or is there more to it than that?  Have you purchased or do you hire?  Thanks.

  • It's stupid.

  • I've been commuting to work in London which is a 26mile round trip, i've also done the London to Brighton bike ride. I've purchased mine although you can get a 8C if you hire, this is slightly different to the 8S which has carbon arms.

    I've been using as i've had a sore achilles, whilst on the GO I can't feel a thing. I'd say its definately more than just a cross trainer it also strengthens your core which I didn't really expect. I'd say the only downside is obviously the price and people will stare and want to chat which I don't mind

  • There was a guy round here who completed the Chiltern 100 on one ... fair play to him !

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    I'd like to see someone complete the Tour de France on one...  Now that would be impressive!  Actually CN I'm quite impressed that you're doing 26 miles around London on it.  I think it seems quite expensive for what it is and looks like it could be a bit of a fad; however, it would be interesting to give it ago so I might look into the hire option.

  • Someone has done Landsend to John OG on one and there is a lady who has just rode 3000miles across europe http://www.squashfalconer.com/elliptigo.shtml


  • Some of the best ultra runners in the UK are ardent believers.

    It seems to be an effective tool for allowing people to train while injured.

  • I have just had a back operation today after been a daily runner, only been running for 4 years but hooked. Obviously I can run again but it is obviously hard on your body, just seen these online and think it might be a great solution. I like mountain biking and road riding but it's just not the same as that feeling of a long hard run.

    Might have to try it out!!
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