Possible ITBS while training - painful

Hi there!

I've recently been training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon. ( About 3/4 weeks ) Sunday 30th June the left side of my left knee started to hurt, I've been running Sun,Tues,Wed,Fri... Before running though I was very lazy, I would try to avoid cardio at all costs.
On Sunday I done my biggest run to date! Just over 4 miles, knowing my knee hurts I assumed I could just run through it. All Sunday after the run and yesterday it was very tender and painful, I had to drag myself up and down stairs using the banister. Today I woke up and it didn't feel too sore so I decided to go out for my run, after about 1 minute of running it was in a lot of pain, I had to cut my run short and come home.

I believe it's ITBS, what's the best course of action? As I don't really want to lose time training.
I've done zero treadmill work, I do all my running outside on footpaths. Also my trainers are new Brooks Ravenna 4 Men's from Sweatshop.

Any help that can minimize my downtime would be greatly appreciated.


  • I can sympathise with  you. I am injured too and can't run for at least a week.  

    Have you considered seeing a physiotherapist? If it is your ITB then sports massage should help. Are you resting, icing, compressing and elevating too?

    If I were you then I would rest for another couple of days then build up slowly. 

  • Hi,

    Thanks, just booked an appointment with a physiotherapist in a couple of days. I'll just rest, ice, compress and elevate until then. Hopefully it isn't long term!

    Guess I wait for what the physiotherapist tells me and if I can train my legs another way that will build my endurance.



  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    If new to running really need to ease into it slowly...just cut back with a few extra rest days and then slowly start building up again. Your body will slowly and surely get used to and adapt to your new running life. Also - maybe get yourself a foam roller and start rolling out that ITBS.

  • Dont worry I've been running for years and I got problems with my ITB. Managed to get a run today but definitely will be resting 2 days before my long Saturday run. I usually Ice lots and pop a few pills. I have also started doing exercises to help as its a common injury for me when I run anything over 40 miles a week. So rest Ice and do strengthening exercises image

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    I am recovering from an ITB injury 4 months ago. I stopped running completely for about 4/5 weeks and saw a physio who confirmed the injury, started treating me and then gave me some exercises to do. It's a slow process coming back and you need to be careful to build up very gradually. It's also important that you maintain the exercises the physio gives you to do as, I stopped, and the injury came back. Since then I have maintained them and am on the way back. What I would say is that you would possibly only need a couple of visits to the physio; I went 6 times and didnt feel that I was benefitting much after the first couple but that will be a personal thing. And, as 15West says, get yourself a roller and use it as much as you can

  • Thanks for the replies. I picked up a foam roller yesterday. Is there a limit to how long or much I should use it per day?

    I started to do some exercises and scratches last night, felt a lot less pain this morning, normally I wake up and it's really stiff/sore getting out of bed. 

  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    When I use the roller it still hurts me so I limit it to 10 mins rolling of the ITB each session. The more you can do it the more you will benefit but I have heard people say you can overdo so you will just have to judge when to stop. Maybe 2 or 3 sessions of 10 minutes each per day ?

  • The only thing I've found that works is foam rolling.

    I do 2 minutes on each leg twice, twice a day. I've continued since the problem has gone and 3 months later still not had a recurrence

  • Thanks that helps a lot.

    I used it this morning for like a minute or two and assumed that was maybe to long!

  • I am yet to find a foam roller that lasts more than 2 months before mis-shaping - any recommendations welcome


  • I've had mine for ages... from 66fit on amazon!

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