Outlaw 2014



  • image just as well you added that last bit young lady or there could have been trouble at the weekend!!!

  • well recovered there Seren image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    It may be that you having photo ID will be sufficient for the entire team but I'm not sure.

    No, you have to shown photo ID for all members of the team, even if they're not there. This led to an interesting conversation where I asked why i would be carrying photo ID for UltraCaz around with me, but in the end, she was able to text me a picture of her driving license which was fine.
    But the point is, you do have to show photo ID for all members

  • It is a bit barking that they want ID, photo or otherwise, of someone who's not actually present but there you go.  Doesn't exactly tell them anything!


  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Yep ... well recovered Seren! image

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭



  • How do we hack Flat Footed's twitter, then?  image

  • and will anyone notice?!

  • I simply asked them if the lake was full of duck shit as usual........

  • It's mostly because every night the ducks sleep at that end, then first thing in the morning the caretaker comes out and blasts all the shit into the water with the hose.

  • Well they need to tell the caretaker to blast his shit into the toilet like normal people rather then having a dump in the lake.....what must the ducks think having to watch him do that every morning.

  • Sets a precedent, doesn't it. How're they gonna learn?

  • Sounds like a scooby doo plot. It's always the janitor, and he'd have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for the pesky kid Engineer!

  • I am sure this has been asked before........Do all members of a relay team get a medal/t shirt?


    (i have looked at the race info....)

  • Black hat - yes.

  • Just a quick one to wish everyone racing and supporting a great weekend I will be keeping a look out to see how amazing everyone is doing.

    Go get it done and most importantly enjoy.

  • black hat.usually the non runners wait at the corner before the finishing funnel and the 3 of them run in together to cross the line and pick up their bits image


  • seren nos wrote (see)

    black hat.usually the non runners wait at the corner before the finishing funnel and the 3 of them run in together to cross the line and pick up their bits image


    Yep, that's where'll I'll be waiting, for our team runner to arrive home........but also to stick out a leg in the event that I see you coming in beforehand image

  • no chance Pudge......image


    I will not be able to run after I have beasted the bike leg......image

  • I see the rain icon has disappeared off my weather forecast for sunday now to be replaced by a big, bastard sun icon

  • image I could start singing as soon as I'm off the bike if you want?

  • yep....and the wind is picking up and changed to a wrong directionimage

  • How do you get a "wrong direction" wind on a loop course?

  • the wrong direction to me.is with the wind in your face for the last part of the course......when you are heading back to T2.........image

  • I'm hoping "run in together" translates to "mimble in together"!
  • If you are tired Pudge can carry you...from his finishing pictures last week.he will carry you and Mrs SA one on each arm..image

  • I see what you mean!

  • Ordered some stuff off Planet X, cap to stop sweat running in my eyes, lost my old one and some more gels, had fewer than I thought. Feckers promised to ship it for Wednesday delivery. Ready for collection by Royal Mail tonight, so won't be here before I set off tomorrow PM. Useless, have to nip across town to the bike shop after I leave work now.
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