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Link Ethiopia are a charity aiming to support education in Ethiopia and raise cultural awareness both in Ethiopia and the UK. To do this we are offering the chance to take part in The Great Ethiopian Run, in Addis Ababa in November. Our package icludes entry to the race, accommodation, and several experiences over 7 days as well as a considerable donation to our charity. This experience is truly amazing, and at the price an absote bargain compared to others.. It really is value for money. 

If you would like our information pack please email : 

or for more information :


Thankyou for reading, Link Ethiopia. 


  • Why can't people be completely up-front about the costs involved, rather than fishing for contact details of anyone who might be interested?

  • So if the idea is I have to con my friends into giving £1500 of their money....... thinking that they are helping the ethiopian children..........

    I can get free accomodation,  .a weeks holiday and the chance to have a fun run...whilst the charity only then gets a few hundred pounds...........

    No doubt as you think its a good idea for all my expenses to be paid instead of helping the the organisers obviously must be taking big chunks out for all your expenses......are you having free holidays out there as well to organise it....

    The poor people the charity has been set up to help will be lucky to get a few pounds after everyone has put their grabing hands in the charities £1500.......

    Seems like scamming and stealing from those poor peopleimage

  • Actually you have to pay for your flights and the hotel is only £20 a night - but I'm guessing most of the money you raise will go on the salaries of the 7 staff they have in the UK!!

  • I read it that they can arrange flights for you if you raise a futher £575.which must be the price of the every penny of that sponsorship will go for the holiday in ethiopia

  • I can confirm, contrary to your speculation, that Link Ethiopia's 7 staff take absolutely no profit from this trip. We work in partnership with Ethiopian and UK schools to promote cultural awareness, and work hard to avoid the stereotypes of poverty ridden children desperate for our help.

    As stated in the breakdown of costs, a large donation is made to Link Ethiopia which is included in the price - we pride ourselves, as, unlike other large organisations we do not add extra costs onto the trip for our personal gain. 

    I can understand your scepticism surrounding the trip, but we are a small organisation trying to make a difference to childrens lives both in Ethiopia and the UK. If you have any other doubts over the transparency and the depth of our work, please contact me on the email address given above, where I will be happy to inform you about some the amazing projects and fundraising that we have, and still are leading in our Ethiopian schools. Alternatively, please feel free to have a look at our Annual Report and Accounts.

    Thanks again, 


    Fundraising and Projects Volunteer.

  • so if you are being transparent.if i do it with the posh hotel and the much of that sponsorship of £1500 will actually go to the charity.............

    to me a large donation would be the £ least £1000..but i bet its no more than £ over a £1000 of money given by people for the charity is not gpoing to the charity but to pay for freebies.............

    then no doubt you are not volunteers so wages and admin have to be taken from that........


  • Projects and Sponsorship 127,317
    School Linking  45,221
    Volunteer Teaching  - 21,906
    Cost of Generating Funds - - - -
    Cost of Generating Funds 9,493
    Governance Costs - - - -
    Governance Costs - 2,149
    Total Resources Expended  206,085


    so i looked througth all 28 colourfiul pages and still only found these figures.......with no breakdown of what these £206,000 was spent much of that was actually wages and expenses and admin......

    so which figure includes all the freebie flights and acomodation you are giving fundraisers so that they can get a nice hioliday in the sun

  • @seren nos - If you read .............................................................23 you'd .....................................have that ..............................................information.

  • thats only 31% of money raised..........imageimageimage

    nearly a third of every penny .............on salary and support costs..i wonder if there are other costs as well.....image

  • Firstly, in a perfect world we also would LOVE all of the money to be going towards the charity - after all that is what we're here for.

    We have not advertised, and are not receiving any freebies (other than the tshirt, which I doubt is what you're referring to). Like everybody else - we have to pay for everything included within the costs, but in some cases we receive a discount - which is then passed onto you. 

    If you purchase the Mid-Range Package - the fundraising aim is £870. Over 50% of last year’s funds were donated directly towards our projects. Please keep in mind that we are not miracle workers and overhead costs are unavoidable. It is totally unfeasible to expect there to be no other costs involved in arranging a trip to Ethiopia. Flight costs are transferred directly to our travel operators - the idea is that we reduce the organisation required for our runners - rather than 'scamming' them. 

    We are trying to organise a fantastic experience for people in return for their fundraising and support. In the past our trips have run smoothly and we have many runners that have run more than once. If people felt ripped off I doubt they would have returned. 

    In reply to your comment that I am not a volunteer... well, that's not what my bank balance tells me. I work three days a week for Link Ethiopia 9-5 unpaid. I am trying to do something good for a charity whose work, I believe, is incredibly important.

    Best Wishes,


    Fundraising and Projects Volunteer.

  • @seren nos - are you grumbling that 31% of the money raised goes on non-charitable expenditure?

  • Charities without overheads tend to be spectacularly unsuccessful and shortlived.

  • I just hate the fact that they are not clear how much of the monety someone raises goes to the much goes on admin and how much is going giving the runner a freebie holiday......

    so If i was to sponsor someone ..I would have no idea how much in the end goes to the charity......

    why on earth should the runners expenses be paid for out of the money given for the charity.....

    I accept that you need to have paid employees to run the charity.........but it worries me if the charity is happy for runners to get accomodation etc free then who else is going to get freebies.......

    less than half of the money raised seems way too low to me to go to the projects.........I would hope that when people raise sponsorship then in all cases at least 90% would go to the worthy cause

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