Pro rider treadmill review

I have seen quite a few queries about the pro rider mobility treadmill on both this sight and elsewhere on the internet so i thought i would post about it here.

It is a really good professional (as professional as you can get for a home treadmill anyway) and sturdy. It is practically silent when it's moving unless you're a heavy runner which im not. It only functions in metric but that is fine as conversions are easy and I prefer to run 5 kilometres anyway so I do all of my training in metric too. The belt can loosen but it tightens in less than a minute with an allen key they provide for you when you buy. I have tried out a few home treadmills and this is by far the smoothest. It has very good power (goes up to 22km/h) and the incline is smooth and happens automatically at the touch of a button. I would definitely reccomend this one to those who don't like running outside or at the gym.


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    So where are the links to these quite a few queries On this website?

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