Camel Pack Advice please

I want to buy a camel pack due to recently increasing my running distances.  But I am using the excuse that we are about to go to America and wanted to use one to rehydrate whilst trekking.  Can any one recommend one that is good for both, bearing in mind I run alone but will be treking with my family and we'll be sharing and wanting to put snacks/etc in it? Or am I being a complete novice and it doesn't make any difference???? In which case, recommendations would be good for running packs.  Cheers


  • Camelbak is a brand, but there are other makes of hydration back packs too.

    Those that are useful for running don't tend to have much room for other things in.  Get your family to carry their own snacks!

    I found that running with a back pack made me extra hot in warm weather, and switched to a bottle belt.  Keeping the tube clean is a pain, too.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    as wilkie says, Camelbak is a brand and there are loads of styles, bladder volumes, ideal uses etc, plus all those from other brands - Platypus, Salomon, Deuter, Source, H20 etc etc

    I'm not sure there is a one size fits all activities version so you need to look around.

    ultimately, it's also the fit that's key - a badly fittting backpack is a waste of money so you need to try before you buy

    fwiw - I have a C'bak Cloudwalker which I use for trekking, biking and skiing - but it's crap for running as it's a bit too big

  • Bear in mind that virtually every rucksack manufactured in the last ten years is compatible with a hydration bladder. Once you have bought a Camelback or equivalent running pack, you will be able to take the bladder out and put it in any other rucksack you own.

  • Hi.  Just wanted to say thanks for advice.  Didnt end up buying anything cos I broke a toe the day before we left so no running and little hiking when we were there! image but a hydration pack of some sort is going on the old Christmas list this year.

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