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Just completed Couch to 5k programme and now run 5k every other day. Will be buying new running shoes at end of summer and am looking for advice on best brands.


Currently running in Karrimore tracks... (newbie error) ... will have about £80 budget


so will be exploiting a sale.


Any advice?


  • Well done on completing C25K. I did it myself this year and know what an achievement it is. As for the trainers, definitely go to a proper running shop and get some gait analysis done. They'll be able to advise on the best trainers for your running style to avoid injury.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    It's your choice as to whether you go down the route of gait analysis or not. Was a very bad move for me. You may just find that the next couple of years is trial and error with running shoes until you find something you like. It may, unfortunately, prove to be quite expensive.

    Don't rush out and buy a pair of trainers because you feel you should.
    Don't buy the most expensive pair that you can afford.

    Do a little research, read about what the different types of trainer have to offer. Read the different webpages for each make.

    Whatever you buy will take some getting used to. 

    Different makes.

    Check out the last 3, they have a very different take on running than the usual pronation or not, need gait analysis.

  • Is it wise for a self-proclaimed newbie to be looking at the last 3 of those brands?  Newton are hideously expensive (you said "Don't buy the most expensive pair that you can afford" - you can't pay more than for Newtons) and Inov8 offer very little protection.  Aren't minimal shoes for more experienced runners with a more-developed style?

  • First things first. 

    If you are going to own one pair of shoes, then make it a pair of road shoes.  Some road shoes make good trail shoes, but all virtually all trail shoes are awful road shoes. 

    Go to a shop that provides gait analysis, and offers a deal where you can return the shoes in the first 30s days, if they are not working out. 

    £80 will get you a good pair of shoes, whatever your gait turns out to be, and if you buy them when the sale is on you might get them for £60. 

    Follow the above advice, and you wont go far wrong. 

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    DR, why not? If I'd bought Newtons first time around I wouldn't have suffered the foot injury that I did. Following the advice from gait analysis caused me immense problems.

    I said read about, ie inform yourself.

    All brands have an expensive range. You can buy a pair of Asics for more than a pair of Newtons.

    Is it right that you send a 'newbie' down the gait route, there's little evidence that it's any better or worse than any other theory about running footwear.

    The comment 'Inov8 offer very little protection' is nonsense. I wear inov8's and have not suffered injury as a resuklt. My feet have not been harmed or damaged in any way. They protect against the running surface and the elements as much as any other shoe.
    If you want or feel the need for cushioning then fine, but what protection does that offer? Non, it may cause injury just the same as anything else.

    I'm not advocating one thing or another, I'm saying there is more than one approach and that you need to be aware of what is on offer and the reasoning behind. Don't go blindly down one route.

  • What you are saying - gait analysis caused you 'immense problems'??  You mean that you wore the wrong shoes and/or had poor analysis?  That's like me saying you shouldn't ever go to a doctor because I once had a bad prescription.

    You also say "If you want or feel the need for cushioning then fine, but what protection does that offer? Non, (sic) ..."  Do you understand what the word 'protection' means?  Have you ever driven a car on flat tyres?  You might argue that you don't need cushioning or that it's not good to have it, but 'cushioning = protection'.  I wear Inov8 Flyroc310 amongst many other shoes and they don't offer much cushioning and no medial support.  Fact.

    Finally, Asics price range £40-140, Newton £100-150.  In short, you can't buy Newtons for £40.

  • I would advise against Newtons for a novice.  They are always a bit of a calculated risk, and they could cause injuries for a new runner, which would definitely knock their confidence back.   

    Gait analysis combined with a 30 day return policy, gives a new runner the best chance of getting the right product, and a fallback option if they do not. 

  • Just buy the most comfortable shoes you can. Gait analysis milarky is just entertainment. Shoes are very very rarely directly responsible for running injuries.

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