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  • Wow Metro 6r4. Never heard of it just looked it up and it would give my renault 5 turbo a run for its money. 3 litre v6 450bhp in a car that weighs about as much as the driver image Crazy. I bet as rare as rocking horse poo though?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    I am lucky enough to have a Caterham.  Mine is a standard 1.6 K-series engined car, which is more than adequate for road going use.  I ordered one as a kit, took a year to build it, and got it road registered in 2008.  It is a great car, but can be incredibly frustrating as well.  Mainly due to the bad weather, I often consider selling it but whenever I drive it or just see it sitting there in the garage I know I would regret getting rid of it.  

    For me, builiding it was a big part of the Caterham "experience", as I wasn't mechanicaly minded in the slightest so it was a big learning curve but I did (mainly) enjoy it.  If I did sell it and later decided I wanted another one, I would buy one second hand I think.  I saw that the R500 was mentioned earlier in the thread, but I think it is too much for public roads, but would be a great track toy.

    This week, Caterham announced a new model which just looks like it's going to be insane!  310bhp from a 500kg car....

  • Only need one.




  • Bugatti Veyron.

    BMW 325i.

    Land Rover Defender.

    Ferarri 550.

    Mercedes CLK.

  • TheVicar wrote (see)

     2.Lotus Esprit Turbo


    Pudge wrote (see)

     Old style mini cooper


     Blisters wrote (see)

     4) VW camper van.


    Gertie wrote (see)

    Ford Capri mk3

    Sounds like my front drive! The OH is absolutely obsessed with cars. He buys lot of cars to 'do-up' and sell on.... there seems to be a lot of buying but not a lot of selling image I think the last count was 16 cars

    His mini is one of a kind though... he put a Honda Civic type R engine into it... Driving that thing is like trying to wrestle a tiger into submission!

  • 1. Rolls Royce Silver Ghost circa 1911 - 1925

    2. Porsche Panamera (for the family car)

    3. Porsche GT2 RS

    4. BMW M5 Tourer

    5. Mini Cooper Diesel (for fuel economy!)



  • Nicky McNamerson wrote (see)

    Only need one.



    My OH had a Trafalgar Blue Traveller years ago. They are great, except hers was in a very poorly way and ended up in the great carpark in the sky. I wouldn't say no to another one, but preferably working this time!


  • not really a petrolhead but these 5 would do:





  • 1) A black cab (for blending in with the crowd)

    2) A police car (for cutting through traffic)

    3) A diplomats car (for parking in London)

    4) The white Lotus submarine car from 007 (for travelling to the super yacht)

    5) and either Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Herbie (to keep the kids happy)

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