Advice on what shakes to have


I run three times a week

6 miles Monday

10 miles Wednesday

14 mies Saturday

I am training for a half marathon in October

For the 14 mile run I do half an of yoga and stretching to get ready for the run. I am carying energy gel packs to help replenish the lost water and salt during the run.

Due to summer finanally arriving I am trying to run earlier and amd wondering what pre run shake you would suggest I have prior to doing the yoga and subsequent run.

I don;t want a brick in my stick, but I am aware I need to have enough slow release energy in my blood stream

Thanks in advance for you help






  • I wouldnt have any.

    Your body has plenty of energy stores - I doubt you even needs gels for the 14 but it will be practice for the race.
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    if you feel you need a gel, just try any of the high5, sis, gu etc.. Gels. Take one after an hour maybe, but it's 21km you will burn maybe 50-60 calories per km so 1050-1300 calories, as long as you eat sensibly the day before you should have 1600-2000 calories of energy stored in your body, which is why you hit the wall in a marathon around 28-32km into a marathon because then you start to run out and that's when you need the extra energy to ensure you don't flag.

  • For 14 miles I would have a couple of slices of toast and marmalade beforehand, then a glass of milk and proper meal when I'd finished. Prior to a HM race I would have a bowl of porridge a couple of hours before the start.

    To replenish water on a hot day I tend to buy some en route as I can't be bothered carrying a bottle.
  • I usually have a small bowl of museli 30min or so before heading out for a run of over 10 miles. That seems to do the job. I prefer real food to shakes and the like.

    Sometimes after a very long run I'll make a shake with hemp powder, vanila soy yoghurt, enriched oat milk and a banana. Not very often though.

    Once in a while I will make a chia seed drink - a few tablespoons of seeds, 500ml of water, juice of a lime and a teaspoon of sugar. Very refreshing.

  • Naushad Ali wrote (see)

    For the 14 mile run I do half an of yoga and stretching to get ready for the run. I am carying energy gel packs to help replenish the lost water and salt during the run.
    Thanks in advance

    Energy gels are for topping up energy - not for rehydrating. Isotonic gels will help a little, non isotonic gels need to be taken with water.  Unless the 14 miles is taking a long time, you should be able to train without them. Just make sure you stay hydrated

    For early morning runs, provided I ate sensibly the day before, it is simply a question of getting up, quick drink and go. Tomorrow am will be a cup of tea while I get ready ,20 miles (no gels), and then home for breakfast. I tend to steer away from shakes unless real food is not easily available

  • What's wrong with the traditional bit of weetabix and some sugar and hour before training image

    Never used gels or anything for my HM, took on some water about half way and near the end but that's about it.

    I do use Whey protein shakes after a hard session to help with recovery.

  • I started using the gel as I found halfawy back I would simply no longer have any snap left and while not tired, I simple had no energy

    I was hoping to use a liquid meal to avoid having that brick in my stomach as I usually eat Oats in the morning which really fills me up but it doees feel like a brick in my stomach as I am runnning

    Thanks for the advice though folks.  I may just take a leaf out of also ran's book and just get up and go for the run

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    Saying that... I did that Saturday got up and ran, no food no nothing in advance and fet like a pile of poo and gave up after 19km, but it was a little hotter than normal.  Think i needed to at least have had a drink and let that settle before going out in this weather.

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