Do I start the road to IM Wales?



  • Other advantage of turbo's is you can use them any time, no issue if its dark out. 

    All this said in the winter I still prefer to spend an hour on my mountain bike, even if its charging around quiet roads, tracks near home.  Comes down to a personal choice.

    Another option to consider is spinning classes, if youre doing a long ride outdoors at weekends you can spin 2/3 times a week (occasional back to back sessions).

    One other thing, you mention personal trainer, typically in my experience these are 'gym' based people, yours could be different but you do need someone with knowledge of ensdurance sport.  i.e. just getting fit isnt the only consideration, before you start an Ironman plan its a good idea to have build up to 50-60 miles on the bike, half marathon distance running and have dealt with any swimming issues.  Your trainer/coach should be pointing you in the right direction in this regard.

  • Thanks for the advice BB - I may invest in a MTB just to keep me in the open weather and try and harden my skinimage.  Your advice regarding the bike is most helpful and I will look to try and get my plan sorted for the winter.  I am currently doing 4 spin classes a week so this won't be a problem during the winter months.

    Yes I do have a Personal Trainer he is mainly from a Professional Rugby Player background, playing for national teams.  He is just an interim measure so that he can get my fitness to a level that my body will be strong enough to sustain the pounding it will endure during proper IM training.  I am not sure if I said before I am also a member of a Triathlon Club and have many friends there and I am sure that they will more than happy help when I start to get back to full training.  I just feel that I am not up to their standard at the moment.image


    My short-term aim - lose the excess weight by Christmas (1stone 7 lbs) and get fitter.

    Long-term aim 2014 - to complete IM Wales - training should start around February for this.

  • Hi Kattyrich,  I have decided to enter the IMW 2014 as well ! first time at iron man infact first time in any type of triathlon! I actually live locally to the race so have the advantage of training on the hideous hills! my husband is doing it this year so I can learn from all his tips and mistakes!  I am new to cycling so this will be the diciplin that I focus most of my training on from now until next feb, we have a turbo trainer so guess I will use this a lot through the winter months.  I had heard from a few people that the IMW were not coming to Tenby again next year so decided to contact them directly to find out and they confirmed to me that they were definitely in Tenby next year. ( I think it was a 5 year contract).

    Good luck in your goals

  • Hi Rdrunner, I am sure you will be great with training for the IMW 2014 as I read your other post that you are a good marathon runner, you are certainly starting off way ahead of me! image

    I went for a proper bike fit on Monday, I can now say I am rather deflated to say the least, although the good news was that my physiology is great and that I have good flexibility and everything is aligned such has hip flexors etc. so there will be less chance of injury (mind you in the past I always thought I wasn't working hard enough to get injured image.)  The only downside is that I need a new bike as although my legs are fine I am over-reached for the handle-barsimage.  I thought this could have been resolved by a stem, but even by changing his and moving the seat forward its not going to work.  So this is an extra cost that I didn't expect as I won't get the price I paid for my bike and I have only used it a handful of times!


    Anyway on a more positive note - my fitness is increasing day by day, I feel positively stronger, I am training 6 days a week and my body is getting used to it!  I am now down 11 lbs so onwards and upwards.


    Good luck with your training and keep in touch RRimage

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I'd try and borrow a shorter stem and see how you go - but that may be my natural cynicism about bike fitters.   At least get a second opinion from someone in your club.

  • Hiya, wow 11lb is impressive, I want to loose at least half a stone but the Jaffa cakes wont let me!  I haven't had a proper bike fit yet but think that I should get this done sooner rather than later.  I was advised about the reach issue before I brought my bike and so went for a female specific bike as it has a shorter reach ( I am only 5 foot 4 ).  Have a look on, they seem to have a good selection of reasonably priced bikes and do interest free credit!!image


  • Popsider - they tried a different stem and this was too long as well - especially if I want tri-bars to be attached next year whilst training.  To be honest I had my suspicions before I went so it wasn't a great shock, but was hoping it would have been fixed by a stem.image  Just need to focus on the positives!  The fitters are also the one of the people who founded the club, so I do trust their judgement.  In the meantime they are also going to keep an eye-out for other possibilities for me.


    Thanks RR - I am also 5 ft 4 and bike spec says that the range was from 5ft 2 to 5ft 6 but I am obviously all legs and not enough top half!  I am going to hang fire before buying a bike for the time being - I will still be able to do a little training on my bike and try and get something in the sales at the end of season.  Maybe I will just have to do a new policy in work for Bike to Work Scheme image!

  • Well a little progress report and to ask a question - not sure if I want to know the answer but will ask it anyway...

    Is it possible or am I just dreaming???

    Although, I am making great progress with my fitness I am struggling to see if I am making enough gains to be in a position to finish IM Wales next year.  Just wanted some thoughts on where other people have REALLY come from to complete an Ironman.


    In 10 weeks I have lost 16 lbs in weight and looking to lose another stone or so before Christmas which will take me down to about 10st.  I feel all good on the weight loss side and it hasn't been too taxing! image

    Although I have been training 6 days a week, approximately 12 hours a week.  I feel absolutely shattered today from the long weekend, I only did 29 miles bike on Saturday and run 2.5 miles and Open Water Swimming for around 1.5 hours yesterday and spin this morning.  Although all good and I can keep going my problem is.....  mph

    Bike 13.3 mph  average - on a rolling course (legs were okay after it, although feeling tired today)

    Run 11.4 min per mile (although not pushing it as I knew I had to get into swim).

    My question is - is it possible to get up to the mileage and increase speed within a year?



  • There is just the thread youre looking for;

    Sounds to me like youre doing really really well.  Looks like youve put some really hard work in, that work ethic above anything will get you through your training, if you keep that up id have no doubts that youll be ready for Wales.

    Its very hard to take any guage from speed after such a short time, its also such a long way until the event that you have a massive opportunity to make huge improvements. 

    I honestly dont think you have anything to worry about.  People often comment in Jan/Feb that theyre slow on the bike 13mph etc but that will usually improve qiuite a lot as the last 4 months of training cuts in.  Its not uncommon for training at 13mph to mean 16mph on race day.

    You have loads of time so keep up the good work.

    Lastly, if you are feeling tired, step the training back for a week or two, have 2-3 days complete rest.  Recovery is a important as training, particularly as your body adapts to the new excercise regime its being put under.

    Dont look at days off as lost day, when youre resting your body has time to recover, adapt and repair itself.  Its a good idea to have a step back week every 4/5 weeks.


    Not sure if the link is working but paste the above url into a browser window.

  • Juat read the above forum.... great reading and makes you think 'anything is possible'.  I would definitely go for it, you have still got a whole year to train and you are already making great progressimage

  • BB - Thanks for the advice and the link, much appreciated for the wise words and encouragement, it has certainly put things more into perspective! 

    On reflection I was talking to a colleague this morning and realized I haven't really eaten much this weekend to warrant the amount of exercise I have done - so perhaps I need to be mindful of that as well, as I haven't felt this tired in the legs before!  May take a step back in training for the next week and adjust the intensity.   Anyway Onwards and Upwards! image


    Fairycakes - well to be honest I have 'already nailed my flag to the mast' as I have already entered and I think only now it is really dawning on me that I am really slow and is it possible to make the gains I need to in the next year.  But if you don't try, you won't get!  And thanks for the encouragement it makes the world of difference to the mindset.


    Keep you posted!   image

  • Bumble Bee - you are doing really well. Don't fret too much if the weight stops coming off. You need muscles for those hills and they weigh more image . I had a target weight of 12 stone for my IM but got to 12st8lbs and started gaining weight again! You'll feel tired if you aren't feeding yor muscles and you'll need a bit of cover in the winter months.

  • well done bumble bee.great work on the training and weight loss...........if tired just step back the training a be honest i think for women.the weight loss id the first priority to ensure that you can get up those hills............

    with lots of men they lose weight whilst training for ironman but lots of women don't, they even gainimage


    so just keep going as you are.keep the exercise going but don't worry about building it up this side of christmas.........

    and once again you are doing a great jobimage

  • Thanks - Wabby for the wise words - I have to say although my body is toning up I seem to have hit a plateau with the weight, but hopefully it will kick start again once they have both caught with each other image  I am currently doing 3 sessions of strengthening a week so perhaps I am building muscle - that's what I keep telling myself anyway! image

    Seren - thanks for the kind words - most of the sessions except for last night I have been trying to do an easier session in intensity, and to be honest with you I feel much better today and it is my REST day so horray! 

    I have to say I wanted to lose the excess weight before Christmas before the mileage started to pick up, as I am with you Seren, getting up those hills will be much easier with 1 stone less on my back! image


    Onwards and upwards!  Feeling a little happier today. 

  • Hi All - a little update...

    I have again been training consistently which has been great, although haven't really gone out on the bike over 35 miles as yet, due to weather conditions or training on long steep hills etc.

    It is starting to become apparent that I need to step my training/intensity back every 4 weeks, as last week, after a long weekend doing parkrun and then doing a very hilly bike of 30 miles on Saturday, I hit a wall on the following Tuesday and was exhausted after a boot camp class and couldn't carry on with the spin class afterwards (got off the bike after around 5 mins) didn't have any power whatsoever in my legs.  I also felt awful all day just no energy, so had a little bit of sugar - chocolate chip shortbreadimage Yum, and then did weights on the Wednesday and had a full rest day on the Thursday.   At least I know my Garmin works as it did state after the hard weekend that I was over-reaching my training - 5.

    I now feel fully rejuvenated this week and have started the high intensity sessions again.  As BB said rest is definitely important, and at least I now recognise how and what my body feels/needs.image


    My weight loss seems to have stagnated at 11 st 3 lbs but I am fitting into clothes as if I was a stone lighter - so I am definitely toning my body, but I have tried to kick start the weight loss again, but nothing's happening - but need to take note at least I haven't put any weight on!


    Hope you all don't mind me logging progress once a month - as I feel it sort of keeps me motivatedimage

  • Well done Bumble bee.  Sounds like you're training well. I am currently running 3 times a week, cycling 3 times and swimming once.  my running is priority at the moment as I will soon be in training for the London Marathon but I am spinning once a week, cycling to work once a week and doing a longer ride on the weekend from anywhere from 25 to 45 miles.  enjoying it all at the moment (don't know how long that will last tho!!)

    catch up again soonimage

  • I definitely recommend a step back every 3rd or 4th need it especially over a long training period.......

    its consistent training over this poeriod that will count rather than banging out long miles and then being totally knackered.......

    and well done on the weight keeping will have to think of a new approach to the weight loss to confuse your body image


  • Fairycakes - well done on your training also, I am sure you will keep motivated, especially with the Marathon (that is something I have to keep on working on image).


    Seren - I am surprised how consistent I am being, and overall not feeling too tired/bones aching so something is working, I have even told my husband I can't go for a day trip out with him this weekend due to bike ride on Sunday (which is a shocker for me!), mind you we did spend a lot of time together last weekend so I don't feel to guilty!

    The weight is starting to frustrate me a little bit but frightened of cutting the amount I am eating, due to the amount of training I am doing, it's a fine balance.  But I am going back to swim training this week so that should be an extra two sessions on top of what I am currently doing so hopefully, this will be enough of a shock to my body.

    Thanks both for the continued encouragement! It all helps! image

  • BB, definitely build in the Rest weeks, it's when you get the benefitof the training.  I work on general principleof two weeks of training, and then a rest week, as I know I need more rest.  OThers works on 3 weeks training and 1 week rest.

    Pm the 2:1 ratio, I find I can maintain quality worksout for the two weeks, whereas I struggled if I tried to maintain it for a third week.  During the rest week, if I'm feeling recovered then I might 'train' properly on the weekend.

    Strong bodies ar emade on the sofa, not in the gym!


  • Thanks MTri I know my body definitely needs the rest in the 4th week so am going to work on that principle for the time-being as I have this week come back much stronger.  image

  • Well - my little check in of the month! image

    I am currently feeling good about myself and what I have achieved over the last 3 months.

    I have finally got under the illusive 11 st and am currently sitting at 10 st 9 lbs, so I have lost 2 stone in total - I am happy with that. image  Still have around a stone to lose!image

    Feeling fitter than I have ever been and getting stronger and stronger.  Went out on a club ride on the weekend and did 32 miles, flattish route but managed to sustain 18 mph on the last half, and leading it for most of it - so really pleased with myself.

    Have developed a few niggles, such as my wrist is hurting on and off and my right knee cap has a dull ache when I am sedentary (no aching during exercise).  So I am off with my husband away for the weekend (3 days) so I will take it easy and do nothing, and hopefully it will fix the overuse problem, also I have a sports massage on Monday so will ask about my aches and pains.


    How's everybody else's training going?

  • bumble bee.well done with that weight loss.....i'm will make all the other stuff easier for you.....


    hopefully a rest will sort you out or the massage.......

     I am concentrating on my running at the moment with one ride a week



  • Bumble bee wrote (see)

    How's everybody else's training going?


    Not as good as yoursimage


    Awesome work Bumble beeimage


  • Thanks Seren and Wheez.


    Seren good luck with the running, that is my weakest discipline so am concentrating on speed and then build in endurance after!  As I have previously tried the other way and can never get any faster image, I live in hope.


  • Well here goes...   my final check-in of the year. image


    As you can all imagine, weight loss has not gone well this month, put a couple of pounds onimage, this was expected as I have been just enjoying Christmas,  but hopefully going straight into a proper training plan and eating plan come 4th January so hopefully this will not hang around long.

    My bike skills are improving all the time, but still slow up hills, but I live in hope that as more training comes, the lighter I will get and the hills will become easier - still 8 1/2 months to go! image

    Running is also improving, by my standards anyway and I notice a remarked improvement with my breathing and cardiovascular system , so all in all 2013 has been good to me - just hope it continues and 2014 will be better.

    There are a couple of life events to look forward to next year...

    1.   Move House

    2.  Turn 40

    3.  and the biggest of all .... IM Wales


    Hope all of you have a healthy and successful 2014!  image

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to update you - well I did manage to finish Ironman Wales in 16 hrs 38 minutes and still felt okay the day after.  So 'anything is possible' after all! image

    Loved every minute of the day and couldn't stop smiling.  The long hours put into training and getting myself to the start line were well worth it.

    Was going to do a Race report but as mine would be very similar experience to those posted I didn't really see any point, but here's a brief overview.

    Swim went better than expected due to the conditions - didn't freak out and managed to keep my head in the game, only issues were taking on some salt water which would play a part later in the day and was slower out of the water than I had originally hoped.

    Bike went okay, the miles flew by, only issues were that I couldn't fuel properly on my bike and also the head wind coming from Angle to Pembroke - this is where I normally make better progress.  Garmin died on me at around 86 miles and my back (legs were fine) decided to pack in to, so had to stop at every feed station from thereonin.

    Run went amazingly well considering I thought I needed to be conservative as I hadn't fuelled on the bike, met some great people and decided to do the last couple of laps with them and the miles just flew by.

    Overall I am pleased with my performance - if I am honest didn't try my hardest and rode and ran well within my limits all day so I can only improve from here. image

  • I was so chuffed to see you out on the run....  great achievementimage

  • Well done bumble bee I have just signed up for ironman wales next year from a similar starting point as yourself and found your journey super inspiring just as I was sat here wondering what on earth have I done.

  • Excellent, staying within your comfort zone is the way to go. Top work
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