Salford 10k

I am doing this in September, and everyone seems to mention it is flat and fast.

As I am simply trying to beat 60 minutes for the first time, I fear I might make a bit of fool of myself if everyone else finishes in like 40 minutes.

Anyone any experience of this event in the last couple of years?


  • Think the last runner came in in 1hr 13mins last year John. Dont let things like that put you of just go out run and enjoy and keep training and your times will come down.

    Come over to catforth near preston for the catforth canter 5k on the 17 aug and that will give you a good indication of your 10k time as it is also flat.
  • Not to bad then alan, i am at around 61 mins now with 7 weeks training to go.

  • If its not to warm you should be fine. Are you new to running if so 1 good way to get your times down is do a 6 mile run but do your first mile at your race pace about 9.15 and then the rest at a nice steady pace. The week after same again but 2miles with a 3min steady walk between each mile and so on for the next 6 weeks till you do six miles and then the day of the race just put them all together good luck and let us know how you get on.
  • Thanks Alan, I am new to running (aged 43) and started on the 2/1/13 to lose weight. Lost 2 1/2 stone and was running at 62.54 for 10km. When I started i was running 300 metres and then returning home with cramp in my shins !!!

    Did the Manchester 10km and it was roasting (nothing compared to this week though) and did it in 69 mins. I was dissapointed but the heat got to me.

    I am doing a LSR of 13, but this week dropped back to 11 again to push on to 14, then will drop to 12 and push on again. My second run is interval running over 5km and my third run in building up from 5km and currently at 8km.

    Hopefully should be under 60 minutes.

    I am doing Salford to prove to my family and friends that my Manchester 10km was as a result of the weather. I want sub 59 mins, but sub 60 will make me happy.

  • don't matter if you do finish last, the people who are really last are the ones who are at home on the sofa.

  • Agree 100 % with that Lee

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