My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • Good luck to the Wild Boar'ers!! image

    Mathschick - you have mail image

    Nice one RBM image

    I survived aqua class today.  Honest to god, apart from me and my pal, average age must have been about 65, hahahaha.  It was good fun, but not something i'd want to do every week - i'd rather work on my swimming image  Glad I tried it though

  • Good luck to those on the Boar tomorrow. 3.8K swim (well 4.4 with my sighting) and a new world record of 1.21 so feeling pleased. Off to get some tinted goggles later as was blinded by the sun for a lot of it and at one point was heading fora swan rather than a massive buoy. Lee, did some aqua stuff on holiday earlier this year, very amusing.

  • Good time Kate. If you get some fast feet to follow you'll be quicker. My sighting is poor.

    Parkran today, first as a V35 image. Mrs Cat marshalled with the kids as it was family marshall day. I did a quick WU then suffered for 5km, then banked a long cooldown for 10km all in. Could feel yesterday's bike effort in the legs.

    Next week the run mileage increases again.

  • Getting old cat  image

    I had a right good stuffing for an hour before work today ...


  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Getting old cat  image

    I had a right good stuffing for an hour before work today ...


    Lucky girl image

  • Thanks Lee

    well, I did parkrun and masters swimming, but no biking, and I suffered on both the run and the swim because of a heavy gym session yesterday. I am truly going to suffer with Lee's crunch challenge, which I have seen isn't just crunches!!


  • *Head perks up* Crunchie did some body say Crunchie? image

    Lee can I play too please and thankyou image if you could PM me the link I would be quite grateful or rather my abs will eventually will be image

  • buttercup - I think I have invited you!

  • Sweet MC - although I might be starting that on Monday rather than tomorrow image

  • Crunch challenge, can I join too???

  • are you on facebook Chris?

  • Yes mc do you want to add me? I'll pm you my name.

  • I've PMd you back, I can add you but we need to be facebook friends first

  • Send it to me too please MC, I want Crunchies!

  • We will all have six packs by Christmas lol

  • I was about to say why not start a thread so that those who dont do FB as frequently can play but I suspect most updates would be on here anyway !

  • Evening all. Sorry, just seen all the requests.  Here is the spreadsheet for those that want to join in:

    Melds i've just put it here because as you say. Most folk will update here.

    Starts tomorrow! image


  • Red_dog_chris wrote (see)
    M...eldy wrote (see)

    Getting old cat  image

    I had a right good stuffing for an hour before work today ...


    Lucky girl image

    Brave man! RUN!

  • I stuffed my sock with 41.5 miles of cycling yesterday, did need an emergency Mars bar to stop the dreaded bonk.

    Crunch challenge for me will start today. Thanks for the link LtP.

  • That Red dog will keep ...

    I did a very quick gym visit on the way home from the horse this morning, 30 mins  on the cross trainer and 30 mins with weights and home quick change and in to w*rk

  • Afternoon

    Apologies for absence in the last few weeks - blame the family!!!!

    Finally found time to hunt out my sock and have so far stuffed it with:

    - 4-up 14 mile bike (Fri)
    - 44 bike miles (Sat)
    - coached swim (Sat)
    - and..................don't laugh...............a 1 mile run today!!!!

    Did I mention I hate running? image

    Lee - I'll be following your crunch programme (although how are we defining crunches and sit ups??) - however don't do fakebook so I'll just update here with luck image

  • Great sock stuffing today first lot of Lees workout thing then 2 hours monster tough mountain bike with a nice cold sea swim to finish tired noimage

  • Not sure I'm ready for Lee's challenge tomorrow as I've just finished today's monter session. 100 miles on the bike in 6 hours which I am mighty chuffed about then a 2 hour run. Slowly. Not sure if my town has enough food to fill my socks.

  • today was about being a supporter at the Wild Boar, but got home and did the crunch challenge!

  • Mc did you see the race report? Sock is suffering after the wild boar. Sock has had lots to eat and a few pints of lager. Sock is going to chill for a few days.image

  • Kate ... good stuffing !!

    Good racing/supporting/stuffing as applicable  image

  • Chris - yes I did, well done on getting it on so quickly!! Rest well!

  • Sprint tri complete and for the first time ever I did the swim all non stop FC with no stresses as tops or panics image 

  • Well done Ali .. good going !!

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