My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • lol I have to try and get some distance in for a marathon soon. I can't squat though image

  • I have the Royal Parks HM in Oct so I too need to get out there - this week just hasn't been that week - Monday is long run day!

  • .... my sock went into shock today. After officially retiring from Ironman after Challenge Roth 2011 I did 61M on the bike, the longest ride since 2011. The reason ? I have entered IMUK 2014. Fool.


  • 11km run around Hyde Park in the sock, after helping out all day.

  • My sock may get an outing to the gym later. I am going to eat a truckload of ice cream first as I hear that it is great for improving run times, cycle times and swim times. It also builds lean muscle apparently and makes you super human. That or brain freeze anyway.

  • image why yes it does Chris I hear it is the protein in it!  

  • I have been avoiding this thread as I have been slacking a bit, and this week have only done 1 run, 1 bike, 1 gym session and 1 swim. Shattered from being back at work is the main reason

    Plans for today including a long bike this morning, but now I have to stay home with the kids so I am going to hop on the turbo and hope that they do their homework! Didn't get out earlier because I didn't wake up - but at least that has dealt with the tiredness, and really the bike ride would have been fairly ineffective and probably a bit dangerous in a sleepy stupor

  • Sir T, welcome back from your retirement. Chris, good to see your sock is getting some tough love then reward! My sock is feeling good, 2K swim, 43 mile bike and 6 mile run yesterday, 15 mile run today and I finally feel like a runner again. IronCat, are your socks super inspired at the ITU?

  • Kate your sock overfloweth!!

  • right, so hard turbo done and swimming tonight, that will do me today, back to sock stuffing!

  • What he said Kate! How long have you got until your races?

    KateF wrote (see)

    IronCat, are your socks super inspired at the ITU?

    Very much so. By yesterday evening even though inspired, I'd had my fill of tri. This morning I realise it's time to book some events!

    3km recovery run today whilst the kids cycled. May break out the turbo this evening.

  • Half IM next week, full in 3 weeks. Learning to mend punctures for the rest of the day. More sock inspiration in the GNR - a race I would never like to run - then the Brownlee show at lunchtime.

  • GNR amazing finish, I have no more tri's this year but have a half mara in 2 weeks then a full mara in 3 weeks. Cutting back on bike but swimming 3+k on Friday's.  

  • which HIM are you doing Kate?

    Chris - are you doing the Robin Hood?

  • Yes mc robin hood just the half though then doing the chester marathon following week.

  • Nice sock stuffing halfway through Lees 100 squat challenge and feeling realy strong doing lots of short sharp fast stuff seem to be moving pretty quicklyimage

  • Afternoon all!  I've been stuffing my sock a bit with body balance class at the gym over the weekend - defo. need to keep it up as i'm really stiff, so think it will help.  Back doing the squat challenge too, though i'm only on Day 8 as I missed a few days with pulled muscle. Feeling the benefit.  Off to the gym tonight for a swim image

  • I dragged my poor sock around a half marathon yesterday.  Not sure if it's forgiven me yet.

  • Hi all, I would like to join this thread becuase I'd really like to sort my running out.

    Running brought me to this forum yonks ago, but I'm not really a fan of running (well it hurts doesn't it!) and my times haven't really changed in years now.  I've got to a comfortable pace and don't really make much effort.

    Then I started tri and I use the biking and swimming as an excuse to do even less running.

    Back in about 2009/10 made a real effort in running, got my half marathon time to 1.49 and promptly got injured with a hamstring that took ages to heal.

    So, what I plan to do is keep to short regular runs about 3 miles.  Think my fasted 5k is about 24 mins so I want to knock some time off that...




  • Pingu wouldbe really good to keep those 3miles runs as they are AND focus on form and strength  ...

    My sock was a lazy bitch today I made it do the hoovering

  • Sock dressed in skins and arm warmers and made to run - 7.07mins/km which I know isn't the fastest time in the whole wide world but to me it shows improvement and I've made a goal of getting under 7mins by the end of the year.

  • Get some base Pingu. A whole month of 5km run/day.

    8 km around the woods today. Standing up for hours at the weekend + minimal hydration lead to sore legs, and a tight calf.

  • Well done bc. Did a recovery run and legs starting to respond. 6km image

  • Swim and spin tonight, sock is considering some matching gloves to do Wednesday night's OW swim.

  • It'll be a tad chilly OW Kate   image

  • Saturday I managed 2K, going to be my last hurrah!

  • Mind you I think I would rather this end of the year than April ...  !!

  • I still have nightmares about how cold it was then, I've never been a more fetching shade of blue!

  • Give me a nice ambient pool image

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