My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    Congratulations Melds whos the lucky boy?image

    Probably the Engineer. She said she'd get revenge and that he'd be permanently sorry image

    Managed 12km LSR today after last night's wedding. I managed to sweat out a vast amount of alcohol in the unexpectant sunshine. 3 pints of water in short time when I finished.

  • 10 mile LSR. So not ready for running a marathon in 2 weeks lol. SA are you there? How are you doing?

  • CAT !!!!!    You'll pay for that ....  image

  • Done a core and weight session Ta Dah!

  • 10km run in the sock today. Need to make sure I can run away from Meldy image

    Should have turbo'd tonight too, as away tomorrow with work and might not get anything done. Early flight though so need some kip.

  • Best you sleep with one eye open !!!

  • Right, I'm fraggle and I seriously need to get my sh!t in one sock image

    over the winter I am going to work on strength and flexibility, which I neglected when Im training.  I'm going to keep up with the bike training,and try and swim more.

    today the post has brought me a yoga nad a kettlebells dvd so I can do these at home when I can't get out to classes - like at the moment when Mr Frag is travelling a lot.

  • Iron F, I've signed up for my first hot yoga class in ages for tomorrow morning, had a sports massage yesterday and she despaired/punished me about the state of my calves.

  • Well after declaring I was going to focus on short runs I had to do a 9 miler to get ready for Cardiff half.  Sorting sh!t into sock will have to wait till after that!

    (Although I am just back from a 3 miler, just a non focused 3 miler)  image

  • wel, sock stuffing has commenced, or rather, I gave my sock and good stretch and twist. This yoga workout has made me realise just how stiff and unbalanced I am at the moment image    gonna give it a good rinse in the pool later too image

  • 12k run done the hard way quite humid and hot out - sock stuffed.

  • 7 hours sleep and back to work

    Couldnt find my socks

  • It was warm tonight wasn't it, 7 miles of running with a hard old track session in the middle, sock will appreciate some nice stretchy hot yoga in the morning.

  • Fraggle for strenght and core try a month of Lee the Peas 100 squat challenge i am 24 days in and can feel the improvement dven though i have not run and cycled much due to extended man flu i am so impressed i am going to repeat the program every month over the winter

  • I'll look into RBM - though the kettlebells usually involve loads of squats image. Rinsed the sock in chlorine this evening, and my arms are knackered now.  Now it's time to relax with a recorded Bake Off image

  • 10k @ 8 min mile pace.  

  • 3k of swim drills and 12 mile bike, 90 mins tedious turbo tonight, z2

  • Feckin coughs back again can't sleepimage

  • That'll be the same Lee that ended up injured will it Max?!

    Fraggle with your history of back problems I would advise against it, I am totally with max with regards core work but mix it up and listen to your body !

  • Sorry  didn't know about Fraggles back probsimage horses for courses an all thatimage i thought Lee already  had back issues so was supplementing the sit ups and crunches with something else which like you say Melds is tailored and a wise move

  • Its ok .. Fraggle knows I am always right   image

  • She is indeed always rightimage  I ache like an achey thing today after the yoga session yesterday so it must be doing some good image

    Will take advice and avoid the squats challenge and carry on with the kettlebells, as I seem to get on quite well with it.


    Sock may well be having a rest day today......

  • Tried to stuff my sock with a 50 min tempo run this morning but found it was full of phlegm image managed a wheezy jog insteadimage

  • Spin spun, PT Workout run.  I'm officially a stone lighter and 5" thinner around my waist. image

    Sock isn't getting any bloody smaller though. image

  • Happychap thats great! 5" is an amazing loss image

  • Just did ride harder with Chrissie Wellington on the turbo! Did the first ride 40 minutes, feck me it was hard but worth it.

  • I have the 60 minute one ...  its quite good fun. may have to download the 40 min one for when time is tight !

  • First good nights sleep in over a weekimage rewarded myself with my 100 squats session and a 40 min turbo this morningimage

  • Run, hot yoga, spin yesterday, 6 mile run this morning, sock is tired so it's having a night off and going out to have a few drinks. RBM, you know how to treat yourself don't you. HC, good work.

  • You are not trying to tell me Blue steel that they actually called a workout ride harder with chrissie wellingtonimage

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