My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock



  • Oohhh eeeeeeerrrrrimage

  • Bloody things possessedimage

  • Of course it is dear image

  • I went to the gym tonight, first time i've set foot in a gym in a loooooooooong time.  Fuck me i'm a fat, unfit b******, though in fairness I knew that before I went in. It was hellish to say the least, argggggggggg

    Signed up for spin class on Saturday though, so really looking forward to that. 

    Next week i'm up in Scotlandia for work for a couple of days, and the hotel we're staying in has a gym and a small pool, so i WILL use them, and not just bring my stuff back unused like I have on the last 2 visits image

  • Steer clear of deep fried mars bars, fish suppers, pints of heavy, tablet and all those other Scottish health foods and you will be good to go imageimage

  • Got my sock together and went to the gym after worfour a quick run, managed 60 minutes of intervals. Was hard work aforeclosed just how fat and unfit I am, lots of work to do but made the hardest step tonight 

  • I filled my sock with a Magnum and a pint of Guinness image

  • That sounds much more appealing then the sweaty gym image

  • Biked to Bossie, 1.7k swim, biked home.  Sock stuffed.  Ate medicinal B&J chocolate caramel icecream with some melon.

  • TED is wrong with my calves just got a massive knotty cramp in the uninjured one which now aches more than the other by going down the stairs! I knew I should have used the stair liftimage

  • Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    Steer clear of deep fried mars bars, fish suppers, pints of heavy, tablet and all those other Scottish health foods and you will be good to go imageimage

    LOL!!!  Tablet.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    My sock is pretty empty...image But I have managed to start running after my ankle sprains, so it's a start.

  • Ah big fat fail this week so far but am doing the Suffolk coast ride on Sunday so that will be something at least.

  • I rinsed my sock in chlorine earlier ...

    We started off with a timed 200 which was ok, I through all my effort in to it and then we were asked to do another 4 times after that   image
    It was a really good way to try and get consistent fast times, if I knew I had 5 to do then I would not have done a huge effort for the 1st one .. I didnt ever get any quicker than the 1st one but was only ever 8 seconds away   image

  • Hopefully swim socks should be sorted for a 4K swim tomorrow, Mr F's socks are doing 7K so I should really have no chance to wuss out. There's just so much time to think when you're swimming, and all I think is 'bail out, it's dull'.

  • I like the monotony  image

  • Endurance drinking for me as its the Diesel submariners old comrades weekend so sock is thrown in the corner, high performance mode set on liver and lucky drinking pants ironed wish me luck I am going inimage normal sock stuffing will resume on mondayimage

  • KateF - I swim much better when I dont have the chatter in my head and I am just swimming image 1.7k at bossie this morning.  First time I had my wettie on - so I spent first lap faffing a bit which meant the pace was a bit slower than without the wettie.  Second lap much better, made me feel a lot more confident about swimming in the wettie.

    Good luck with the enduro event RBM! image

  • RBM, good you are working out other areas of your body too. Pretty shitty sock this morning, 4K swum,Garmin says 5K and it might well be right as the buoys were all over the place, as was I. Buttercup, you are to opposite of me, not swimming in a wettie is a tricky old business. Bicycles and running or gym on the agenda this afternoon.

  • I stuffed my sock with 100 miles of London & Surrey tarmac yesterday ...awesome ride though the capital  image

    Today I did a nice easy swim to try and loosen my neck & shoulders

  • Well done Meldy, watched some of it on tv looked great!

    I have had a week away, did a bit of sea swimming, read some Joe Friel and when I got back I had a 2 hour ride- avg 17.5mph, hurrah, finally over the dreaded 16mph  rest must have done me good image

  • Resumed easy running and sm using compresssport calf guards which seem to be workking, also cracked  another nice after work sea swim image

    well done Melds that looked a great event on the TV

  • AliBear30 wrote (see)

    Ah big fat fail this week so far but am doing the Suffolk coast ride on Sunday so that will be something at least.

    image My cousin's did that Mark doing the short one and Donna doing the 60 one. According to farsebook mark got lost and did the longer one by mistake on his MTB. Been laughing all weekend about it and feel bad for being evil. Just needed to admit that somewhere they won't read it. image

  • I was dreading it .. carnage

    I am happy to be proven wrong, a very very slick operation with attention to the fninest of detail .... and salad cream in the goody bag image

  • Right

    Evening chaps and chappesses - back from holiday, back from illness so now also time to end "lardarsiness" too as per original declaration a few weeks back

    Redeclaring intentions as:
    - weight: lose 3 stone in weight by going back to logging everything on WLR
    - swim: start putting a little bit of speed into my swimming by doing dedicated swim sets with specific targets - not just tortoise pootling along
    - bike: learn to get up hills on the bike by doing dedicated hill reps (only short not very steep ones locally but they'll have to do)
    - run: try to fall in love with running.....or at least not hate it as much as I do (been trying for 20+ years but I will crack it)

    Started today by the initial weigh in (less said the better image) - cycled to and from work (only 10 miles total!) - 1500m+ swim in dover harbour including some fartlek!


  • Podds, I am going to be keeping an eye on you AND your socks.  image

  • Yes I thought you might image

    So I hereby give you permission to kick my ass whenever it so needs it **

    ** might as well give permission as you will do anyway and this way I keep a semblance of the appearance of being in control of my own destiny image

  • Hello all. Reporting for duty *salutes*

    Been away for work for a few days, but took my swimmers to use the hotel pool. Honest to god I could barely do 10 lengths without feeling my lungs were about to implode.  To make it worse, I think it was only a 15 m pool image.  So I can't say I enjoyed that. 

    On the plus side, I did a spin class last Saturday that went well, and my new turbo arrived at work today, so i'm looking forward to using that.  Tonight i'm planning out my exercise for the next week, so I can have a plan to look at and tick off, rather than just a vague notion in my head for doing something that then gets ignored.

    My sock currently feels massively bloated with stones of excess weight, yet with massive holes where all my fitness has leaked out.  So basically i've got a giant, empty fishing net which I need to turn into a sock.

    I shall report back on progress!!!

    *I'm also happy to get an arse kicking as it is needed*

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