Would anyone know of and recommend a Podatrist and a Physiotherapist, who understand running injuries, within 15 miles of Basingstoke.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Perhaps slightly out of area, but the BUPA clinic on London Road in Reading has a good poddie and physio who sorted me out last time I had a problem.
  • Many thanks Muttley I will look into this. Basingstoke is very poor for runners, it does not even have a shop that sell proper running equipment would you believe. I gave up with my GP a long time ago on running injuries and when I asked him recently if he could recommend a Sports injury clinic he gave me details of one in Milton Keynes, only 86 miles away.
  • Has no one else got any thoughts on this one? Seems hard to believe there is only the one option that good old Muttley has sent.
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