meniscus tears



I run for fitness and play football, probably three times a week (7s, training and a game of 11s).

Fell and twisted my right knee at the end of the first game of the season (august). I took a few days off and as the pain wasn't too bad I continued to play. I then had a scan in december, got lost in the NHS system and after a few call emails I saw the consultant who looked at my December scan and said that he saw tears in both the medial and lateral menisci (sp)? 

a couple of weeks before seeing the consultant I ended up in a and e after [laying &s, stretching for a ball and my knee hurt like and nearly two months later still does.


I'm booked in for surgery on the 23rd July (after a few more admin errors) and have been told by the consultant that I will be in a brace for 6 weeks followed by more rehab for 6 weeks. Looking at other meniscus injuries on here this rehab sounds more lengthy. 


I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this kind of rehab and any advice.  Of. Being able to exercise is starting to get really frustrating!




  • BTW, I'm a 34 male, doc said that I was still young enough for a repair rather than removal

  • Thanks, I'm hoping to start training again about 12 weeks post op but then build up gradually. As its a repair rather than removal it should be much better. I had my lateral meniscus removed from my other knee and its feels quite bone on bone

  • Just a wee update a couple of weeks post op. I ended up with the doc removing the meniscus, apparently the tears were to complex to attempt a repair and they could only do that on the medial side. I suppose the lateral must have healed itself. 


    Other than some numbness on the outside of the knee it feels not too bad. Been doing some strengthening exercises daily and hit the gym for more functional exercises like squats etc using pain to guide how much I can take. Feel pretty good now as well. Off work for the rest of the month to enable a full recovery and will probably start running beginning of September. I really am missing playing football too but will leave that till I am comfortable running again.

  • Hi mate im in a simular position to you ive had problems with my left knee for months where it came to a stage that my knee was swell after every run. Ive had a MRI scan last week and now going to have key hole surgery on the 22nd, what worries me is the surgeon said ive got a 50/50 change i will fully recover. I got a letter today and it says from his report to my GP. This showed superficial ulceration of the medial femoral condyle weight bearing articular cartilage. I believe this partial thickness chondral defect may be responsible for his symptons. I have offered athroscopy and abrasion chrondroplasty. 




    Thats it so not sure if yours are simular or if anyone else can work out whats wrong with my knee. I just said yeh as it seems to not be getting better image

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