Bike experience required

Any 5'ladies out there with some good bike ideas? Set my heart on a Ribble Bianco but none in the world! Grand fondo 44 fits... Is it too masculine?? No cannondale supersix; sulking as I write... Please don't suggest that I wait for next season, I won't be able to bring myself to spend at that end of the year. £1500 ... Am I wasting my time?


  • nope but you won't get any bargains.... you will hav to pay top price as your size s so rare..

    my friend mel rides a super 6 - shes 5'4".?
    otherwise find a good bike shop, find a frame and get it built up.  hard though as you cant test rie it as no one keeps your size i stock

  • I am 4 foot 11 and have done a fair bit of research on this in the past few weeks. I have gone for a Felt. They do a "petite"size which has 650c wheels, but the gears compensate for the smaller wheels.You can get a bike from the Z range for £1, 500. 


  • If the Gand fondo fits then buy it. Ribble will represent much better value than any other options. They are always good value but female specific bikes or bikes that small see to come at a premium because the demand is far higher than the available choice.

    But if the Gran Fondo is too masculine what about the Evo pro, available in Xs and would build up with 105 and ultegra wheels (as an example) and decent kit for well inside your £1500 budget

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