did anyone do ullswater tri yesterday?

just wondered what people thought, other than 'omg, it's so hot!'


I thought it was a great event, the swim was beautiful,  bike course gorgeous and the run through the campsites made for a nice atmosphere.  well organised. 

these are not complaints,  am just wondering if anyone else thought the same

- swim was neverending and not enough buoys for sighting. my time and my friend's time was so much slower than we have ever done before. wondered if the course was long? 

- bike route was really tough, felt like I was going uphill even on the flat bits! was so glad to get off that bike!

- the water at the water station was the nicest tasting water I have ever had in my life! lol! 


  • hi ploddinglady! 

    myself and my bf were there yesterday... would agree a well organised event, excellently marshalled.. and yes sooooo hot!!!!

    Incidentally my bf came 3rd... smart arse!!image

    On your points though, yes I think the swim was about 200m long.... 

    I would agree, being quite a weak swimmer that the buoys (3rd bouy then turning to come back to 2nd/5th) were too far apart for sighting... I couldn't see them at all for quite some time and for someone who often doesn't swim straight, I found it difficult to keep sighting but being unable to see what I was aiming at.

    Bike route was tough, but I LOVED it!!!! I had a great bike, and really enjoyed it.

    Lol the water was very welcome despite drinking on the bike.

    Overall a great event but my only "suggestion" (rather than complaint) would be, especially as it is a "beginner friendly event" that the buoys need to be closer together...., either make the laps smaller (ie have 2 laps) and therefore the buoys closer, or have another buoy in between the 2nd/5th and 3rd/4th.

    Fantastic day though... pity about the 2hr delay to our drive home to Glasgow due to a closed motorwayimage

  • i did it to and echo the thoughts of both of the above.

    didnt enjoy the run at all - it was horrible and didnt like running across the beach bits or through the campsite and bbq's!

    my swim time was down on my usual training and i thought i had nailed it - so maybe it was longer than stated.

    enjoyed the bike, but felt it could have been better marshalled at key junctions - i saw a guy almost hit a car after the cyclist took it to fast. most marshalls were just stood there pointing the route - not helping out by advising if any traffic was coming.

    also my god there was alot of drafting going on on the bikes - my pet hate big time.

    would happily do it again but on a cooler day with the run altered.

    The medal is a beast.

    My personal highlight was straight after finishing necking a beer and then going and jumping back in the water image

  • What a great event!  I can't yet say that I loved it apart from the swim but that was surely because of the heat.  Yes, the bike was tough but beautiful and the mainly quiet roads were, in general, great for cycling.  (Well, if you ignore a few cattle grids and potholes).

    I do think I'll do it next year but it occurred to me that this year's cancelled Windermere tri has been pencilled in for July 13th 2014.  I wonder if Ullswater will be run on the same weekend next year?  Therefore Ullswater Saturday, Windermere Sunday.......ultra double Olympic tri weekend anyone????

  • sounds fun - also the swim challenge series will be kicking about at the same time.

    did anyone camp over - nice site but some mental rules about not letting same sex people stay - i had to plead with them to let me and my mate stay over and they said only because one of us was doing the event could we stay.

    this was on the basis of noise apparently - which is laughable when the couples next to us were up till 2 drinking etc. (i didnt complain - we joined in image)

  • i did look out for pirates but alas no one competed in the colours image

  • IronbawsIronbaws ✭✭✭

    I was spectating the Ullswater tri and it looked great. We were staying at the campsite as we were doing the swim the following day. I wondered how the athletes coped with the huge numbers of holidaymakers clogging up the paths...great to hear you had a good day...

  • I quite liked running through the campsites, thought there was loads of support from everyone and added to nice atmosphere!  certainly no problem with any campers on the pathways. ..mind you I was right at the back. ..maybe it was more difficult in the middle! 

  • i didnt enjoy the beach section where you ran along in gravel / sand for a bit - also surely unfair to have people sunbathing with a beer in there hand whilst everyone is struggling round in the heat.

    some people have no feelings !

  • Budjude, we camped at the site next to Park Foot - Waterside Farm, which we ran through.  I've camped at both and prefer Waterside.

    Saw a police car at Park Foot on Sunday morning, did they provide secure bike storage there?  I hope none were stolen.

  • yeah i stayed at park foot and there were police cars / vans on sat night and sunday morning although i didnt hear of any issues with stolen bikes. it seemed nice enough - to be honest i thought they were all the same campsite image

  • Me, the wife and the mother-in-law were there. My wife did the full thing, me and the mother-in-law were entered as a relay with me down to do the bike. My brother-in-law was supposed to do the run but ended up having to pull out, so with no training done I added a 6 mile walk with occasional jogging onto my bit.

    We came last, well behind everyone else, partly down to my wife picking up a hip injury on the run, but loved it anyway. If any of you were amongst the competitors/spectators that kept on cheering us along, thanks, it was a massive boost.

    I enjoyed the bike course, though I did it on my mountain bike as had no road bike (which has changed as of this afternoon!). Both the wife and the mother-in-law also thought the swim was further than it should have been.

    We also stayed at Park Foot, though usually we camp at Cross Dormont if we're over that way. Much quieter, though more basic.

  • This event looked amazing, we were up there for the week but didn't know it was on so ended up spectating (we did the Epic swim the next day).  It looked like a great course and definitely interested next year so good to hear competitors enjoyed it.


    From a spectators point of view everyone taking part looked ridiculously fit, noteworthily so even from a group of traithletes and wannabe ironmen!  Well done everyone who did it, very very hot.

  • you clearly didnt see me then!

  • Or me!

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