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  • Very good, I have seen that picture before with some different writing which isn't really suitable for this forum...

  • Just remembered this when updating another thread.  Pirate rankings dont differentiate between branded / non branded.  You might want to tell your mates to get their wool and knitting needles image

    The Rank system.
    On a points basis, where only IM distance or longer counts for points. Its not a knitting club.

    • 1 point per IM finish.
    • 1 bonus point for doing the extra hard ones (norseman, lanzarote and [but only if you get in by the honourable route, qualification] hawaii).
    • 2 points for double IM finish. 3 points for Triple, 5 points for Deca.
    • 1 bonus point for every time you win a shield or set a record (above).
    • 1 bonus point for becoming “reasonably competent” (i.e. the first time you crack 12 hours).
    • 1 bonus point for becoming “outstanding” (i.e. the first time you crack 10 hours).
    • -1 point for a DNF (its not a quitting club).
    • Note that if you miss cut off but still finish the course (even if it takes 20 hours) then you still get the point.

    -2 tritalker
    -1 plank
    0 landlubber
    1 scurvey dog
    2 seaman
    3 junior pirate
    4 pirate
    5 2nd mate
    6 1st mate
    7 commander
    8 captain
    9 admiral
    10 admiral (2 parrots)
    11 admiral (3 parrots) etc
    15 pirate king blackbeard

  • I would some clarification on the really hard ones, does Wales now fit into that bracket?


  • Im not sure that Wales fits into the bracket of very hard in the same way Lanza does (or did).  Lanza gained its reputation of being tough when the roads were rubbish, most of the course has been resurfaced over the last few years. 

    Lanza can have terribly strong winds, even this year though it was windy it wasnt brutal like it can be some years.

    Norseman on the other hand is brutally hard every year.

    If you say Wales is hard where do you draw the line, Coer De Alene, St George?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I can give you a straight comparison of the two in September if you like, Barlos? (Fingers crossed I complete.)

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Actually, what am I saying? You can do that yourself already! As you were. 

  • i would be a solid 0

  • Bud you aren't alone being a solid 0!

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