Mentors and Mentee's thread 2014

Plagurised from FB's 2013 thread:

"For those who are new, mentoring has been taking place for a few years now and it's a way for newbies to pick the brains of the more experienced.  Mentors aren't intended to be coaches, although I know some do offer some coaching, but as sounding boards so they can assess what they are doing, pick brains, get support, and generally get the benefit of someone's experience and knowhow.   

The way it works is that a newbie can PM a mentor to ask if they want to hook up and then take matters from there on a private basis.  a mentor can have as many mentees as they wish, but I usually limit this to 2 or 3 on a first come, first serve basis.  there is no compulsion, there is no structure - it's up to the individuals concerned as to how they work with each other"



  • I am happy to give something back to the community that has helped with advice (and a poke in the eye, when appropriate) over the last three years.

    I am by no means a technical guru but with the best part of 1,000 hours of training under my belt (the notches of which I am thankful, have got a little closer in that time), I will pass on what guidance I can for anyone training from sprint (15 completed) to IM (2 completed).

  • I am willing to mentor.but am not technical...........and have a mix of encouragement and tough love

  • Realistic, honest, plain talking but supportive.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • So, how about it love........? image

  • I'm available if anyone is brave enough 


    will add more later image

  • image and she mentors as well


    Oops x-post! That was for Melds image

  • BudjudeBudjude ✭✭✭

    i would love someone to offer me advice and bully me along image

  • Im available too - if intrested PM me

    PS ... I'm not a Fink fan

  • Fat lad know's what to do just doesn't always do it myself and loves hill's. Live up north in yorkshire where men are men and also some of the women are as well.

    If you need help with crawl through I would ask someone else.

  • gods own county , or so they tell meimage

  • I am looking for a mentor as well. 

    I am looking to do my first Iron distance event in 2014 and deliberately avoid calling it a race as I have I will not be racing against anyone just trying to get around in my own target. 

    My swimming is awful and needs a lot of work. My cycling is ink and improving steadily and my running is best not mentioned. 

    one great advantage for me is stubbornness. If I am told I need to run 8 miles at 5 am tomorrow morning I will do it, if I am told to cycle for four hours I will do it. I know no better so will do as I am told without question !

    for lack of a better plan I intend to follow Fink as I need the structure to work towards.

    so if anyone is willing to mentor me let me know. I live in West Wales very close to e Ironman course so much of my bike training will be on treat course.

    take care and keep smiling


  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)


    Oops x-post! That was for Melds image


    None taken Nurseyimage

  • Would be really grateful for any support/mentorship, looking to do Outlaw 2014, did a half IM in June but was only allowed to finish as there were no cut-offs (I readily admit my training was pants (too many excuses: job, family etc, one good thing about reading forum posts is that those are not acknowledged as excuses!!)

    My goal is firstly to finish, but the icing on the cake would be under 14 hours, the bad news is I weigh far too much but at least I know my swim is OK but needs a fair bit of work, cycling is crap, running slow, I guess I am trying to say I am in the remedial class at the moment.

    I live in Gloucestershire/South Gloucestershire border, would be excellent to feel that extra push and different training always freshens things up a bit.

    Many thanks for any help (or arse-kicking) that anyone can provide, it will be all be hugely appreciated


  • Could I jump in also - I would like a mentor if someone is looking to beat me down! image  I need someone to be straight with me and say it how it is! image


    I live in the Monmouthshire area, and I am very much like LittleBigHorne, the best part of my triathlon is my swimming and I also weigh far too much, but hopefully not for too long - just getting back into fitness at the moment, so my mentor also needs patience and lots of it!

    I am looking to do IMWales 2014 if it is still running. 

    Thanks and hope I don't infuriate someone too much! image

  • I've only done one IM though I've done a handful of sprints and raced pretty much every sensible tri distance there is to race. I did all of this with a young family and vast work travel.

    I'm happy to give back to the community if anyone wants some similar advice. Warning, life is very much black and white for me.

  • Me too, please.

    I'm a total novice and am planning to enter Outlaw 2014. It's been a long ambition of mine to complete an iron distance and I just feel that now's the time to try.

    I'm a reasonable swimmer (ex-county in my teens) but OW freaks me out a bit. I run often but slowly, and cover about 30 miles a week on average. I've not spent much time on the bike and I've only ever done one sprint tri, so this will definitely be where I will need the most help.

    I am a good trainer and have grit and dogged determination by the bucket-load. I don't mind tough love or straight talking and I'm realistic about my own (fairly limited) abilities. 

    I live on the Fylde Coast in Lancashire

  • citizen 146 wrote (see)

    gods own county , or so they tell meimage

    Ay lad *odd to new world in background* image

  • Hand up at the back of the class, but not for a wee.....could do with help planning so I build up gradually. Started f/crawl in Feb this year, had a bike since last June (not done many miles though), but do come from running since 2009 (couple of road maras, lots of off road stuff incl lakeland 50 / fellsman). Did the slateman in May and had to b/s most of the swim, walked the last 500m of llanberis pass, but enjoyed the cramp throughout the run!!! Was 50 in June, so time running out!! will do Outlaw 2014.

    Thing is I find it hard to plan (due to 4 kids / 2 dogs & the OH who thinks I'm rying to kill myself!) Every day is a juggle, but I need to sort that out ASAP.

    Pool swim on monday / penn flash thurs and long bike (40m for me anyway) using parbold hill area.

    Have to go bck to that lake inllanberis to beat this ow thing so finger hovering over the brutal half entry this a swim too far though....


    any help please?


  • I have done 3 IM distance races and although I still feel I am learning, I would be more than happy to mentor and encourage a newbie.


  • Mentees - if you see someone you think would suit you as a mentor pm them and have a chat about you, your life, goals, ambitions etc and see if you think the response is in a vein that would work for you. We're all different!


    Hope - the day we have nothing to learn is the day we beat the world record!

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hope, would be great if you could mentor me, 3 IM races is 3 more than I've done!!

  • I would be happy to. PM me image

  • We seem to have a lot of newbies in here today ..

    read a little about us  get to know the vibe

    Take time to read and lurk and post and get to know people.   These are pirates who have raced and done Ironman, they are (for the most part) contributors to the forum and to the club.  These are people who (for the most part!!) have a day job ... they wont come looking for you !!    Get to know the person and see who best suits you and your lifestyle
    This is not neccessarily someone who will sit down and plan your week for you for the next 12 months or so, they are there to listen and advise and to kick your arse when you need it, its a two way thing !

  • Just to +1 for what Meldy said - I had a mentor last year, having first read a lot of posts and posted a bit and done an oly tri ...

    I got Fink, read it over and over, spent a looong time with bits of paper saying "Swim" "Bike intervals" "Long run" and the like on, moving them around on a typical working week to work out where all the sessions would fit in. I got OH on board and to agree with my plans ...

    Then I ran this past my mentor, who suggested a tweak here and there, and I was off. For me it really helped to have someone to offer a bit of advice about different stuff now and again, and sometimes just to tell me what I was doing was good. 

    And then I did Outlaw, and want to do it again ... and a public thanks to Running Postie!

  • My mentee beat me, and I'm not entirely sure he wasn't responsible for some of the punctures I suffered that day. Be warned potential mentors, some of these people are sneaky image

  • good point fruitcake .... mentees are not allowed to beat their mentors  image

  • I am available if anyone wants me....

    My mentoring history is a bit rubbish though image

    7 IM distance races done, 2 more next year.
    I was (am) a bit of a faster pirate, and base stuff on Gordo / Friel / Going Long approach, so I like HR zones, sorting a basic week out that you repeat 40 weeks a year, (just increasing the endurance sessions up) etc etc.

    Happy to point a fitter enthusiatic newbie in the right direction, (ie hold them back image  ) rather than helping a total newbie to exercise...(if that makes sense) as there are people on here with much better relevant expeience in that than me.

    PM me if you need a hand

    oh and I'll buy you a pint if you beat me in Nice !

  • Im up for mentoring if anyone fancies it. 


    Two IM races under my belt, UK in 2010 and Wales in 2011. This year I'm doing Challenge Vitoria and back to IM Wales. Not fast, 13 1/2 hour PB, but down to earth, and stubborn, do I don't give up. Im South Wales based. 

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